Satan's celebration 21st of December 2020

Dogma much?
It’s not “Satan’s celebration”, it’s the winter solstice.

In this sense Lucifer means bringer of light, so calling him to celebrate this seems appropriate tome, as far as archetypes go.

It’s the shortest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. People did rituals to celebrate the return of the light, since from this day the days get longer again. and though the cold and starvation of winter is not over, hope is renewed.
People living in touch with the land need that. This is why a lightbringer is psychologically relevant… Satan? … the xtian label for ‘enemy of the faith’? it’s got nothing to do with this.

If you want to call on Pan or Cernunnos, I think it would be more respectful to do it by thier names, not under the label xtians gave them trying to defeat them and demonise them, to convert thier people by force, while they deliberately banned, usurped and bastardised thier sacred solstice ceremonies.

However thier days are appropriately in Spring, when growth starts, not in the dead of winter.

And Pan is not a chaos god he’s a fertility god.

I didn’t know Jupiter would be eclipsing Saturn on this years solstice, that’s actually interesting.


That is why a lot of people are saying world is shifting to age of aquarius/5d/satya yuga on December 21


Look into the work of Phil Hine, the “father of Chaos Magick”. E.g. Condensed Chaos. And Austin Osman Spare… maybe he was the “father” … I forget. Someone will know.

This is a style, or “current” of magick that focuses more on innovation and novelty, and is or form of “low magick” - more intuitive and shamainstic, rather than “high magick” aka “ceremonial magick”. It’s new and was invented in the 1970s.

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Ah, I wasn’t sure if he was referring to chaos magick or something else. Thank you.

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Ah, that’s a good question, and the OP seemed to refer to gods that he thought were connected to chaos as in, primordial soup, creation, chaos. Maybe he meant “ritual with the increase of entropy as a goal”?

To be honest, looking back at that, expansion and restriction combined looks more like stasis to me. It’s seems like a held thing, not chaotic at all.

But that’s not the energy of the solstice anyway, that energy is more about being on a cusp of change from dark to light, and being really glad that this change is here.

The Great God Pan is most certain God of Chaos as nature itself, the woods and the act of Sex. Besides from God Pan we learned about Masturbation an empowering act to defeat the order. Chao Ad ordo. @Mulberry don’t subestimate the Great God Pan, He is of most importance


The Church of Satan, witches and satanic covens all over the World celebrate Satan on the 21st or 22nd of December and also on Walpurgis night

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but Maulberre I think by satan he actually means Satan the entity, not any other god or demon

The Queen of Swords aka Lydia is wrong. In December is celebrated Saturn. In March Mars. From this data the real December is from actual 22 November to 21/22December and the sun is in Capricorn and Capricorn is the sign ruler of Saturn. December comes from 10 in latin and Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign. The son of Saturn is Jupiter(Marduk). The sign ruler of Aries is Mars the planet asociated with God Mars another agricultural Deitie asociated with March (actual 21Feb to 22March). The bible was written under the influence of Tetragramaton and his family because a agricultural deity has stolen Dumuzid’s wife Innana also know as Astarte. Satan is an Angel of Tetragrammaton. Tetragrammaton is the father of Dumuzid with Situr both Deities associated with shepherds. (The Lord is my shepherd… , The episode were Abel is killed by Cain and other stuff like this).

@Mulberry I found where that dogma is coming from.

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Ah ok. This thread is full of it. Pun intended. :joy_cat:

Some will and some wont. You know preaching dogma is against the rules, so if you wanted to be honest you would make your context clear. @gsbv6000 this applies to all of us including you.

Underestimate? What on Earth makes you think I did?
I have a personal relationship with him as a Bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, I’m very clear about how powerful a fertility god he his.
You misunderstand nature for chaos, nature encompasses chaos and fertility is not sex, it’s much more.

You reduce him to sex and chaos?
Look, I don’t care how historically inaccurate, usurious, and diminishing your religion is to the pagans that worship Pan, or how limited your thinking is, but please don’t presume to tell me what I know.


The problem is that I can’t edit my post to be more clear. So I will use math to explain:
We have the notion of something that is repeated 21 times in different systems and writings, this is the same idea expressed different, the error is that in the northern hemisphere 21/22 December is the day with the longest night and associated with darkness, but in the southern hemisphere is the day with the longest daylight, on the line of equator almost all the days have almost 12 hours of light and almost 12 hours of light. Maulbeere are you 100% sure that Christmas, Day of Satan or other important day are in winter? Also you are 100% sure that I was preaching a dogma?

The witches Sabbath are the same.There is no dogma.

Anyways the conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn will empower only certain people who are influenced by Jupiter and Saturn and of course:

  • People of age 35 - 42 through Jupiter
  • People of age 42 - 49 through Saturn
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Another important aspect to keep in mind is that Jupiter has the same seal as Saturn, the last is but inverted.

This conjunction reminds of the Creator Abraxas IAO. Jupiter as Symbol of life and even sephiroth and Saturn as Symbol of death and even the Qliphoth.

The great conjunction is the living God Abraxas IAO on earth, generating Chaos, the creation - death - creation. Eros and Tanatos :heart_eyes:

Hail Satan! :heart_eyes:

Ps: is it really a coincidence the Satan Compendium released by BALG?



“Sound Of Silence” is NOT by Disturbed, though they do a very excellent cover of it. That’s all I want to add here, I think. :thinking:



Bottom line, astrologically speaking, the 21st is hella big.

I was reading some grimoires by Bill Duvendack and he describes Jupiter and Saturn as very social and that Saturn rules Aquarius, which is a very social sign. We have Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wealth and Saturn, the planet that governs restrictions and rules and the like.

This, for the collective, may be very big energy and thats a nice way of putting. Magically doing things surrounding finances, financial institutions, institutions in general cough cough, amongst other things may be helpful. There’s a lot to be done with the energy


Yay!!! Is finally there! Hail to the Morningstar!

Happy Yule!!!


I just realized that would amplify Belials power wouldn’t it?

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That would be totally awesome!!!

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