Satanist evocation

Can anyone help me understand why when it comes to evocation, everyone recommends a circle and dismissal of the particular spirit especially the demons but Satanist always evoke without circles and dismissing the demon because they call it spirit abuse. It works for them without any problems. Does the circle actually protect one from an entity with such power?, why do we have to dismiss them since we called them to be with us.

The circle does defend us, everyone has something that works for them , those who love demons don’t do certain things in some cases, in my case I always used to banish and use ritual garments and tools unlike some who’d do it without a circle

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Some use circles. Some don’t and nothing’s exclusive to Satanists.

It’s not necessarily (just) about protection. It is also used by some to set aside an area for the ritual and potentially balance the energies in that area prior to starting. I clear a space for the ritual, but don’t use a circle.

I don’t dismiss those I work with a lot. I ask them to not disturb my Family or pets and they can come and go as they please.

If I just started working with an entity, I ask them to leave at their discretion and ask them not to disturb things. Why? Because this is MY space and there has to be some trust developed. If there’s an issue, they know they’ll be removed.


Depende, i can invoqe asmodeus, astaroth and 1 more and instructions say must banish or say go in peace must be done, i love demons,. Now circles its most for protection, and high level energizes u will fight or face my experience. Some books treat demons, the same we invoqe. So not cool for me. To others yes.

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I’m not Satanist, never have been- I’ve used a circle once-ever.

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I’ve never used a circle. I don’t see the point of using a protective circle. If I need to protect myself from the demons I’m invoking, I shouldn’t be invoking them at all. I also find it disrespectful.


The circles are mainly for setting up a defence for yourself in case random spirits show up, and for establishing your role for the ritual.

A simple circle wont protect you from stronger things. But circles can be built into stronger wards if you have the know-how.

Circles can also be used to mitigate damage of energy, but if done poorly wont do anything other than you claiming your own space.

Only rarely do I ever use them now, as I dont do much evocation anymore. I did when I started though

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Embrace the entities. You need no circles. :fire::fire::fire:

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Circle: It’s actually a three dimensional half sphere/force-field.



“Hey you! Spirit! Come here. I’d like to form a relationship with you, but first – You step across that fucking line and I’ll use both my active weapons against you. You got that? Now let’s form a relationship while you keep your fucking distance! OK?”

As has been stated by others, protective circles are great as housekeeping; telling all the shitty, little, unevolved spirits which hang around to “Piss Off!” It’s getting a ritual space clean, not keeping an evoked spirit out.

I advise spirits that they are free to depart.



I’m getting your point but can you come clear on it?

I don’t use circles, but there have been evocations that have made me think that maybe I should. It has happened that the presence blanketed the area and it made it difficult to work. Some kind of buffer would have been useful in those cases.

Start attempting manifestations of a more physical nature and you might appreciate a circle a bit more. It’s not even an issue of whether they intend harm. The energies can simply get rather intense.


If they act as a point if focus then okay… But trust me no lower lifeforms would be around demons… And circles wont essentially protect you for the rest of the day or night… Lol what makes you think you can banish a demon in such a cheesy way. Unless y’all have a serious cosmic beef and your higher self hates the entity then its pointless

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