Can someone briefly explain what Satanism is?
Satan has repeatedly come to me and has asked me to let him teach me.
I don’t do demon worship so if it involves worship I am out.
Before you ask, no, I won’t google search it. I want direct answers from Satanist or someone who has walked that path before.

Like any religion/belief system, it can be MANY different things.


I am just assuming it is people who only work with Satan or mainly Satan.

satanism it’s all about principles of freedom and celebrating Life especially in non theistic. Theistic satanism is complex. Non theistic is about a baptism, the mass, freedom, having strong principles, parties and celebrating Life and Sex.
:heart: Satan :heart: is wonderful if theistic or not


Theistic satanism is what I am referring too. Yes freedom is well and fine however Belial made me stop smoking.

Theistic: some believe in :heart: Satan :heart: others worship Satan, some love him, some work with him or alltogether… Freedom is the way, do what thou wilt! there are many covens and very different. You should try several and see which one fits best. Satan is the key to the rituals and mass. Also Lilith, Lucifer and Leviathan. The basis is still LaVey’s work and the list of Demons and Gods. The workings of reverend Gilmore are awesome too

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Ive never met a theistic satanist who sincerely worshiped satan as the one true god. So judging by what I’ve seen and read I think the majority of theistic satanists are technically demonolaters.

Discussing what Satanism actually is to this date is more than a brief discussion and I feel like a brief discussion about this topic wouldn’t do it the justice it deserves. The history of Satanism is just as rich and vast as any other belief system out there.

You’re going to have to find what works for you on this topic and you can’t expect people to spoon-feed you everything. I don’t mind answering questions about this but I feel like there’s a level of sincerity needed when approaching the topic of Satan and Satanism.

So I suggest doing some research on the topic and come back with more questions if you have them. Look into the various groups and orders associated with Satanism. This would give you a better understanding of what you need to know and do if you truly want to work with satan. Find what works for you because this isn’t something someone can give you a straight answer to. There’s many perspectives and understandings regarding this topic.


Totally true!!!

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Great talk.

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I think the best idea is to do an evocation of Satan himself and ask.

Non theistic satanism is cringe IMO.

@Heathen1 a sip of Cola is refreshing… basically you could say who believe in Satan is a satanist. This includes that the sickness of christianity validates Satan. This topic is not loved in Balg so the thread will get probably locked.

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Yeah sure. Like I said it’s whatever works for you. I’m not going to convince you to do some much needed research on this topic.

Care to share what makes it cringe?


you could approach Satan however you want, I personally go unbiased and respect and work with Infernals, Ive befriended Lucifer and maybe Belial

Satan is in my opinion a fallen angel maybe turned demon, just approach him as you have with other infernals, with respect, I personally dont like worship but hey if it suits your fancy

There are some who might have even sold their souls to Satan, now, I wouldnt suggest that but whatever suits your fancy

Ive worked with Satan once, maybe twice in total, I dont really trust him, and I cant offer many insights into him

If the christians understood the original hebrew meaning of the word Satan in the bible when it was written then they would know that it just means accurser, opposer or adversary. In the bible that most likely meant a person.

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And in places such as 1 Samuel 29:4 even a human being is called “Satan”


They are all just edgy atheists that seem to be very triggered by religion so they call themselves “Satanist”.

Could you imagine Richard Dawkins or Christopher hitchens calling themselves “Satanist” and building a temple and doing more cringe in there. Ha.