Satanism: World's Most Feared Religion

Fox Guest Bernard McGuir Calls For Satanists To Be Gunned Down

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Christtards gonna Christtard.

You should feel lucky they noticed you, I was beginning to think they only wanted to bomb all the OTHER heathen.

Christianity is most feared, those guys openly burn people when they go mad. crazy sheeple… or should I say “lambple” ? lol

but seriously, those guys are dangerous, stay away from church!!!

they don’t even practice magick but they’re ready to burn the hell out of you, and the only thing they fear is to lose soldiers, I mean, followers…

This guy’s barking up the wrong fucking tree.

They’ll just let anyone on TV these days and the FOX News network will let them say anything so long as its pro-jesus, pro-military and pro-republican idealism.

And that makes it unique? Roman and German customs that formed the bedrock of Western civilisation saw similar fates for those practising maleficent witchcraft. The Romans performed mass executions of witches on several occasions that dwarfed any such events in the annals of the Catholic Church. Tests by drowning for spellcasters are prescribed in the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi. Africans still to this day burn witches.


And that makes it unique?

I never said it was the only one, historically speaking we’ll always find the main local religion of the dominant culture tends to massacre deviants and other minor cults.

Since big religions are founded in principles different to those what they calim to be founded on, their inherent insecurity makes them agresive to any other way of spirituality specially those that provides human with power and wisdom.

“This is the true religion and no other” is often claimed by many religions and cults and then they act to kill anything that deviate from that. As a result anti-thesis cults are born, like the case of childish satanism that is not even magickal practice, but rebellion.

About cults, for example, natives here on south america kill people that are proven black magicians if they have attacked a member of the community, since the interest is in the preservation of the community and not inparticular individuals. Any member that may bring incoherence and disbalance is killed or let to die in the desert or the jungle.

Funny thing, among many tribes in the amazon they leave the sick people to die in the jungle, those who survive to the illness and heal themselves becomes shamans, some of them return to their fellows and help them with medicine, others instead stay as outcast and begins to kill their prior fellows, and becomes “black magicians”, here in my country for example are called kalkus.

Thos kalkus are often persecuted and punished but, those men and women are killed because they’re actually working against the other people, if they do not act against the community there is no persecution.

In modern religion, being their leaders political leaders, the fear is not because of dangerous individuals per se but about any form of spirituallity that neglects to aprove the primal notion concerning the origin of the power of their leaders, which commes from God(s) and there fore they have the right to command others.

But again that is concerning leaders, and due to the nature of the civilizations humans often form, leaders need their workers and followers to have constant battle among them and they give them many many foes so it may be a permanent battle, even if witchs are no threat to people at the top, they serve the purpose of maintain regular folk fighting against something that is not necesarily working against them, is just different enough to be used by the de facto powers.

So basically, is no actual religion, cult or whatever is going to be “the most feared” in a permanent way, since there are political, economical, demographic and religous factors that determinate the title of “The Most Feared”.

In modern religion, being their leaders political leaders, the fear is not because of dangerous individuals per se but about any form of spirituallity that neglects to aprove the primal notion concerning the origin of the power of their leaders, which commes from God(s) and there fore they have the right to command others.

Ummm … since we’re talking about Christianity, in the West, at least, leaders claim their power comes from a mandate from ‘the people’, not from God in which hardly any of them believe. Divine authority is not a modern notion, but a traditional one. It doesn’t imply religious persecution either. Again, see the history of Rome. Christians were only persecuted because they rejected this divinity in the form of the emperor.

But to reiterate my point: there’s no reason Christianity should be ‘most feared’. When last did the Catholic church burn a witch? Centuries ago.

Flip channels and you’ve flipped to the other side of the coin. I don’t see how Fox News is in general any worse than other outlets.

In my country people still believe the pope is “God’s best friend” and the only great authority in earth, but only catholics and opus dei do, but they’re big % of our population.

any other knows the reality of that, and those former “divine” leaders are now sustained by tradition more than anything else (a traidition that is sustained in cultural hegemony, money, and in my personal opinion magick…).

Also nuns and priest are seen as saints, and saints are seen as angels born in earth. Pedophile priest have made more people to re think their beliefs.

But to reiterate my point: there's no reason Christianity should be 'most feared'. When last did the Catholic church burn a witch? Centuries ago.

Yeah, is true, I mentioned christianity to mock the guy from the clip. Anyway there are those guys “Soldados de Jesus” o “De Christo”, they’re like a catholics, or perhaps evagelist, the thing is they have killed many people for not being from their religion, but agains is a faction of people. is group that was born in argentinian jails but came to chile too, they’re more like a jail gang of some sort.

We used to have Xian assembly (complete with prayers & hymns, and religious teachings mainly focused on Xianity & Judaism) when I was at school, and I did spend a lot of time having to reconcile what i was being taught was the only “real” invisible friend to have, versus my own experiences and beliefs.

They might not burn witches, but I had to deal with the possibility I was damned for life long before puberty, a challenge many people might not be up for, especially because like a lot of kids I already believed anything bad that happened to me or in my family was somehow my fault, and then had the daily brainwashing 5 days a week of the “almighty” desert god and its “son” (and how they punish unbelievers) to back that up.

I can still recall the words (lyrics, really) of the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy” - the next line is “only thou are holy” - and that’s just a single example of the material and real ways in which Xianity exists in our culture and, whenever schools adopt it as their default faith, seeks to brainwash children by placing words and assertions in their minds in an attempt to prevent them being open to other ideas.

And I’m not even an anti-Xian, I think the idea of “do unto others” etc is a great guideline for civilisation and everyday life, and I respect a lot of Xian people, but I resent to this day the way a middle-eastern cult was foisted onto me, although the existential & spiritual questions it made me grapple with during infancy did, I guess, cause me to be where I’m at now.

But childhood shouldn’t be a trial by fire, in which a kid has to weigh up the possibility of eternal damnation - we try to protect kids from sexual and violent media, for example, precisely because adult dilemmas can be too much for them to handle, and for every person like me who makes it through, there must have been many who couldn’t, I know I had a few moments of serious doubt there and turned my back on my own beliefs due to daily dogmatic brainwashing alone. I was twelve years old the last time that happened, and anyone who thinks that was me being “weak” can kiss my Sacred, adult, fuck-you ass!

, but I resent to this day the way a middle-eastern cult was foisted onto me...

The extent to which it is ‘Middle-Eastern’ is debatable. I would call it thoroughly Roman, Platonic, Persian, and developed by Germans. And the sort of ‘Christianity’ that most Americans have experienced is pretty much a modern invention that no traditionalist Catholic would even accept being called ‘Christian’, and with good reason. The post-exilic Yahweh cult was itself created by a Hellenised Jewry and heavily influenced by Greek philosophy and Zoroastrianism. There are even reputable scholars who maintain that the Greek Septuagint, not the Hebrew, is the original Old Testament text.

I can still recall the words (lyrics, really) of the hymn "Holy, Holy, Holy" - the next line is "only thou are holy" - and that's just a single example of the material and real ways in which Xianity exists in our culture and, whenever schools adopt it as their default faith, seeks to brainwash children by placing words and assertions in their minds in an attempt to prevent them being open to other ideas.

By that notion schools are by default institutions of brainwashing that place words and assertions in the minds of children. I can say the same of any ‘progressive’ institution. Oh, but the way these teach one one ought to think and what one is to believe are alright, of course, since what they teach is the ultimate truth and thoroughly provable. Holy, holy, holy. Reason, reason, reason. God, God, God. Science, science, science. Sin, sin, sin. Freedom, freedom, freedom. Whatever.

An interesting point, especially the influence of German protestantism on the church(es).

I only say “middle-eastern” because it seems that the idea one must worship one god, only one god, and will be punished for worshipping others seems to have originated there (including Iran), there’s no indication of it as far as I’m aware in any polytheistic or pantheistic culture that arose anywhere else (for example, pre-Columbian south America).

Although Rome’s Empire doctrines were a huge influence on the church, the idea of monotheism that’s specifically at war with “the forces of evil” and which can only be approached in one specific way (in terms of name, form, and concept) seems to have come about from Zoroastrian, Judaic and perhaps, originally, Atenist thought.

I’m going by research from books, so I could be wrong there, but the Old Testament is the first time I’ve heard of one godform really gunning to destroy the worship of other gods and claiming to be the only one, and we hear of plenty of conflicts between gods prior to that which didn’t result in the same kind of instructions.

Akhnaten and his experiment seems to be the first attempt at monotheism as a civic force, albeit probably a little fuzzy round the edges, and the first try towards shaping a society (literally, by building a city) in which other gods would be denied a presence.

Other religions almost certainly had the other attributes of Xianity, the desire to police the practice of magick and so on, but this was the first one I’m aware of to extend that into the realm of thought-police - of denying freedom of choice to worship other gods, by the time of the Old Testament (where that idea features heavily), and then into denying that they even exist (or casting them as demons) by the modern era.

By the era of the Septuagint, Judaism’s ideas were already well known around the Mediterranean basin, and must have been influential no matter what the origins of the writings were - the novelty, almost, of a god who threatens you for looking elsewhere while claiming to be the only god must have stirred people’s interest, and perhaps (like all of us) the grass looks a bit greener when your own gods don’t seem to have fixed a problem.

I see that brand of monotheism as a toxic meme, and it’s natural that people might start to hedge their bets by including it as a concept, especially when a lot of mystical work leads to an encounter with Source which could be mistaken for being the one and only “god” (I’m using brackets there because I’m not aware of any encounter with the Source that results in instructions to sacrifice one’s own child, or cease worship of any other godform - or indeed, any kind of instructions at all).

This monotheism combined with the desire to eradicate evil in the form of other gods seems to be an idea spread by fear of the spiritual consequences, backed up by indoctrination and brute force, rather than a natural advance in human consciousness - there seems to be an era in most civilisations when specialisation of roles creates a priestly class, who then have the usual desire to grab power, but I haven’t seen any evidence of a naturally occurring convergance of elder gods into one single “correct” form among pantheistic or polytheistic peoples.

Schools… I hated school (this was in England, but they all share certain features) and think they’re little more than machines to generate conformity and induce doubt in oneself, but I’m still glad British schools mostly dropped CofE based assemblies, though as you mentioned, they’ve no doubt replaced it with something equally dire.

Edit to add: in light of your reply, Poete, on the Evoking Abaddon thread, I want to point out I’m not making the point that elder gods had no interest in promoting good, and fighting evil (chaos/nihilism) - just that the specific format that tries to revolve round a single godform and says everything else is automatically evil/wrong/a lie is from that crescent of Atenism > Zoroastrianism > Judaism > Christianity. I say this because I do believe in a destructive current that’s present and problematic (have experienced it myself) and realise my words might be read in a totally relativistic way, that isn’t what I actually mean.

And if you’ve seen evidence of it outside those regions, please share if you have time/energy/inclination, I’m going by studies (and UPG, but mainly studies are what inform what I post as opposed to keep to myself) and would welcome a chance to learn more.

Yeah the guy doesnt have a clue what hes talking about. First of all the little dress-up teens who worship an archetype they know nothing about is a PRODUCT of christianity and is not what I consider Satanism. Satanism, as expressed through its various manifestations, is a WAY OF BEING. It is called the Forbidden Alchemy for a reason. 90 percent of the people out there claiming to be Satanists would shit their pants if they encountered tangible, mind and soul altering ‘evil’, much less the forces which personify it.
Secondly, I agree with EA here- Christ was a master magician who was completely misunderstood. When he said “I am the way the truth and the Light” he was not asking for worship. He was being an example of Godhood acheived. Look in genesis 28:12, (and Im going off of memory here so excuse the lack of detail) Jacob dreamed and saw a “ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached into heaven, and behold, the angels of god were ascending and descending upon it.” And when he awoke he said “surely this is the gate of Heaven…” Now jump to John 1:51. Jesus calls Simon and Simon asks how he knew his name. Jesus replies, “I will show you greater thing than this. You will see the gates of heaven open, and the angels of god ascending and descending upon the son of man.” So he is literally saying I AM THE PATH. (See Ipsissimus) Jesus taught that everyone had the power to command mountains to move, etc. There is no record of him being schooled by the jewish leaders of that era, and yet when he returns on the scene in his 30’s people immediately call him teacher. Note tjat buddha, mohammed, etc all disappeared in their day to return with light/gnosis. I would recommend studying Crowley’s Book 4 if anyone is interested in further study, but point is, I wouldnt trip on dumbasses like this guy. Theres always some around but as an ascending god I could care less.

Fiat Lux Ladys n Gents :wink:

So, I know who to practice on now.

Say, think any of them are magicians? I’d love to tear into their energies. Especially the one that called out Satanists.

Not that I am part of any true religion, mind you- But I’d love a taste of the minions of a god. Priests are good meals, but public speakers?

They’re delicious.