Satanism & Christian-Satanism

Satanism is a mere reaction to Christianity. It is it’s opposite, not something seperate from it.
-Some Person on Reddit

For a while i disagreed with the statement until I gave it consideration.

Most of us, including myself, turned to Satanism due to various motives like Freedom, Hunger For Power, Etc.

This is bolstered by the fact that we lived in a enslaving religious environment that we strive to break free from.

So in our beginning Phases…
We saw and sometimes still see Christianity as the Enemyand our job is to somehow Vanquish it.

For the Glory of Satan of course

This is where most people stay put and in that they become Fanatical Christan Satanists.

They literally Transfer the Same war metality the rest of the JCI has to their craft and thus defeating Yahweh and His Ilk become the sole reason for their Existence. They thus impose a Self-Created Divine Mandate on their Selves and become Inverse Crusaders.

Their Ascent is lost because somehow their whole way of interacting with the world becokes colored by the JCI Texts (Quran, Bible, Torah) and they work against it without realizing that they are helping fulfill what they don’t want.


The Satanist if he can be remotely called that, understands that the Demons or whatever spirits he works with, existed Millennia before Yahweh decided to shit his pants and exist. They saw civilizations rise and fall and are not suprised by the current conditions.

Yes they want humanity to Ascend, but in truth…
They could care less at the same time. So does the Satanist.

He does not spend his ritual time fighting against a religion.

He does slaughter those people that get in his way however. This goes for Christians, Normies, Buddhists, etc.

He is not Racist, for Death is equally distributed to everyone who stands in his way regardless of Race, Gender, political affiliation, or Creed.

In this way,
Might is Right and Satanism is about Strength and Utilizing it.

If he sees the world progressing In a way contrary to his Will, he uses his Will to subtly change it.

He doesn’t Worship the Demons or Spirits, nor does he hold disdain, but he simply utilizes them for his current purpose while being aware that they always have their own unspoken Agenda for interacting with him.

He spends time Mastering the Black Arts such as Necromancy, Black Magic, Seduction, and more. As they are all weapons in his arsenal, he is a Warrior.

For his own cause.
Power is obtained not by fighting an enemy but by slaying them in pursuit of your Own Will.

His goal isnt to Ascend beyond the Throne Of God for that is but a minor goal.

His Goal is Power.
His Goal is Mastery.

His goal is to achieve such a degree of perfect Primordial Balance (not the emotional, fluffy balance either) that the 2 dissolve into 1 and he can truly say “I am God”, which means, “I am the Perfect Manifestation of Balance”.

Balance does not mean emotionally Calm.
It does not mean without movement.

It means the proper harnessing of tension, Hate, Pain, etc.

Listen to me you dumbass:
In order to balance your body you must harness the tension going through your muscles regardless of what you feel in that moment.
At the moment of Maximum Tension, you feel Balanced.
All is quiet inside your body, or so it seems.

How many fatal accidents have occured because someone lost their balance in the heat of emotion? That goes for Joy, Pain, etc.

This doesn’t mean that the Satanist feels no emotion or he is some sort of fucking Yogi calmly breathing In the lostus position.

It means that his Hate is so utterly perfected that it seems he has no hate.

His pain is so perfected he can use it for whatever he wants.

His Darkness is the same way. Everything is at maximum tension inside his spirit, soul, and body and when the time comes…

He can unleash Passion, Fury, Hate, and even Love In a way never seen before or seen again.



You said it!

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The antinomian lhp manifests in a Xtian society as Satanism. In a fascist society the O.N.A. has admitted they’d exist as a Magickal communist organisation.


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About Living In The Dark:

So basically the Satanic ten commandments would be:

  1. You MUST have other gods before Me.
  2. PLEASE DO make idols.
  3. PLEASE DO take the name of the LORD their God in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbats, to keep them UNHOLY.
  5. DISHONOR your father and your mother.
  6. PLEASE DO commit murder.
  7. PLEASE DO commit adultery.
  8. PLEASE DO commit theft.
  9. PLEASE DO give false testimony against your friends and family. Frame them, snitch on them!
  10. PLEASE DO covet and lust after that which is not yours.

Please explain to me exactly why that is a good thing.

I think you are just being arrogant, not succesfull satanist in game of life with those commandments…