Satanic ritual abuse

Okay - so coming from a religious cult background myself, I was certainly told such things existed.

Personally I was subjected to a lot of trauma through fear but I didn’t ever witness what would be termed “SRA” just religious stuff like exorcisms performed on me as a kid with a ton of adults screaming and pawing at you for stupid stuff - like “being rebellious” which is certainly terrifying as a small child

Having had my own trauma induce mental health problems I am curious about other MH problems created from trauma

I’ve been watching a couple of videos on YT about Dissociative identity disorder (which was termed multiple personality previously) and come across Kim Noble, Cathy O brien, etc- and a few others and there are some really horrifying “testimonies” eg children being sacrificed

I think the whole pizzagate conspiracy theory ties in too

Of everything I have listened to, I don’t want to dismiss as BS or accept as true without skepticism but my own experience, one lady mentioned something that I remember happening to me in the cult (far less graphic than all the other allegations but still don’t want to disclose it)

I guess my question really is - do you know if it really exists? If you have seen or heard any of it being talked about

I remember satanic panic being a thing years ago but I think then they didn’t find any evidence it truly existed

After leaving religion and finding this forum etc - my experience has been most people who identify as satanists would not be anywhere like the kind of person who would participate in child sexual abuse Etc

Just curious if anyone without a negative perspective of the occult believes the accounts of SRA to have any truth to them?


Things like this do happen and not just in Satanism. It’s not a topic I like discussing but just know that no benevolent Spirit will ever ask you for human sacrifice. Most don’t even want animal sacrifices


Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it’s not a pleasant topic to discuss and I suppose I was wondering if true - to the average person with no occult knowledge, anything different to their religion gets termed “satanic” or “devil worship”

Apparently there’s a list - Raines(?) which multiple people have identified independently some of the elite as having participated in rituals they were present at as children

But the testimonies are just so graphic and out there… you can see why lots won’t believe it could even happen


Regarding the satanic panic, and from an anthropological point of view, there are only two or three cases of “satanic” human sacrifice ever performed.

“Satanic” is a word mostly thrown in by journalists, because there is a need. A need to sell newspapers.

The more serious research I know about one of this cases is called by the author, Daniel Prenz, a form of “syncretism” where three different cultures mix and match believes from three different centuries. With disastrous results. In a small place where people believe every stupid shit someone says. Those very specific conditions made it possible for christian and africanist believes mixed with good old classism to torture, rape, kill and dismember a boy.

The cult was formed by… very ignorant people, to say the least. Their threats even had typos (sorry, I can’t leave that part out), and most of them ended up in jail anyway.

Gold piece of data: NONE of them ever identified themselves as satanists.


There are some people in this world that end up doing sucky stuff in the name of Satan, but the thing is, they arent real satanists. They are either trying to be edgy or think its legit just trying to follow exactly what a Devil in christianity would want. It sucks because it puts a bad name on actual satanists and occultists in general.


Yes obviously once upon a time I wouldn’t have dared look up or view anything someone professing to be a satanist

Down the line and I am quite comfortable with reading Crowley etc

So my own experience is that it appeared to be conspiracy theories that these people who identify as such were “evil” - I would fit in the catagory simply for owning much of the books I do now by my former faith, and I sure know I haven’t ever participated in such things

But when you do watch these testimonies- the alledged victims of this abuse do refer to their alleged abusers as satanists or devil worshippers - not just the media

Absolutely- it’s this forum really I think even myself I have learned there are about as many sects in the occult world as the religious one rather than a blanket “occult = demonic/evil” understanding that was drilled into me growing up

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There are cults that practice this in the name of lucifer and a few others. It gets political today with who the participants are. So I’ll avoid that. However I’ll add you in to a private discussion on it.

Most of those noted and documented cases have happened in places like bohemiam grove ca and on epsteins island. Just for reference of the kind and clout of people we are dealing with that do practice these things.

I will say that every single entity and deity I have worked with this far despises the act of forced human sacrafice and especially child sacrafice.


Thanks, I would certainly be interested in that private discussion

I’ve read a ton of “conspiracy theories” and tend to find it gets dismissed as nonsense then it becomes proven fact several years later eg Epstein or the MK ultra CIA experiments

This one though - SRA, hearing the testimonies of victims being just so graphic they sound like they are straight out of a horror film script - you wonder where the evidence is as there should be a ton easily discoverable- but then victims across different countries alledging similar accounts definitely spikes spidery senses

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Human trafficking and child sex rings. Hidden by elites and some factions of the shadow gov. Most end up as amber alerts that can’t be found or on missing children posters.

During the immigration issue two years ago thousands of illegal immigrant children went missing or were “displaced and lost” by the system. Look at where the world is now.

And a large majority of those children were already missing and had been abducted by the cartels from their homes in South America
It came to light later on that most of the adults were trafficking the children in and didn’t know them beforehand. A lot is going on that is coming to light.

Also take note of who and which groups were so adamant about getting those children into America to begin with. Who worked so hard to get them into the hands of social services. Because of the false narrative of them needing refuge. They were abducted and once over border and out of the custody and holding of the border Patrol they became impossible to find and keep track of.


Yes I definitely can see that aspect

I’m curious about the ‘satanic ritual abuse’ element - I mean I don’t think there is likely to be someone on this forum who’s going to say “yeah, I slaughter and rape tons of babies and hang kids on meat hooks for Lucifer” … Lucifer seems a pretty nice being, as do many demons that get mentioned being worked with on here.

But then you have these people saying that’s exactly what happened to them

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Those that practice that are not on any forums. That is the kind of practice kept tightly behind closed doors and handed down via oral tradition only still.

Most of those practitioners go to church on Sunday and have pious fronts.


Just saw that Netflix documentary on Epstein. It didn’t mention anything satanic or sacrifical but I already knew all the stuff he was doing was some evil satanic shit.

You know all about this Lucy…mind is kinda :exploding_head:


I Definitely fell down that rabbit hole for damn sure :scream_cat:🤦 :dizzy_face: :boom: :dizzy: :face_with_head_bandage::drooling_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Oh certainly- being in church on Sunday or pious means little to me in terms of someone’s character - it’s those people who have my own trauma on their hands and I hold responsible

I’ve found genuine and less flawed characters are usually not the ones in power or demonstrating their “holiness”

Tons of abusers are hiding in churches - I know that, I lived it

But I’m also not a victim of SRA - I just literally had one memory triggered which perhaps is simply a popular thing in cults when I was listening to a lady on YT recount her experiences and it’s set me off looking for evidence - as I can’t say that I have personally heard Lucifer/Satan (I know not the same but to christians they tend to assume they are) are asking for human sacrifices… to make any sense of the elite doing it to please those entities

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Oh wow. So you’ve seen some shit then! I’ve only ever read things like this and then I never know what is real and what is exaggerated. I think my mind just doesn’t want to believe these things to be true, even though I know they are.

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There are very powerful parasitic egregores. They Roman Catholics worship one as do the jews and Muslims. They worship a desert parasite out of the lands of cannan. Based off of one of the sons of El. Most if not all beings that demand human sacrafice are egregore made from groups of peoples thoughts and emotions. And all need external sources to survive or they die. Real entities are self sustaining and do not require our energy to survive and grow.


Ive lived through spiritual enslavement and rape. (Not anything physical or tangible, that I can recall with great accuracy as I was very young and it was a relative, in this 3d realm of material manifestation but more in the astral and dream and soul scapes) I didnt think it existed until I did some soul recovery and found out what was feeding off my soul and fragmenting it. And I know some people that have indeed lived through the real deal in this reality. And if you didnt think I was batty before. :flushed::roll_eyes:


That’s horrid. I am glad that you have escaped that nightmare. How did you know? Were you aware that you were being tormented? And how did you protect yourself? Sorry if too many questions.

And bats are my favorite girl. :wink:

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let’s not forget the royal family

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