Satanic Project - The 42 Letter Name of AZERATE

In my time studying the functions of the Sitra Achra and adverse forces of the Qlippothic tree I have began working on a system allowing the vibration of the 7 names of the 42 letter Ana-Bekoach in their Qlippothic and adverse forms. These names rupture angelic and archonic influence, link and expose polarities, manifest primordial energy and invert the energies of life with the essence of death. While the 42 Letter name of God emanates the forces of Cosmic Creation and Unity through the prayer of Ana-Bekoach and causes one to “Tear out Satan” and submit themselves to the YHVH, the adverse 42 letter name brings about the essence of the cosmic destruction and death of all things, including the primordial state of potential (the dwelling of the Aeons) and transmuting the illusion of “Ego” through the death current so that it may manifest as the “Daemon”, or enlightened will.

I will be including each of the 7 names and their corresponding double letters (which are not dotted in their sefirothic counterparts, the qlippothic workings always dot these letters in their magickal representation) and the names in hebrew are to be written from left to right, and all the double letters included are to be pronounced harshly. The polarities of life and death, freedom and slavery etc etc apply here, but whereas the dotted letters mean malice to the followers of the slave god, by embodying the adversarial gentile spirit you can unlock their dual powers to channel however one wishes for spiritual attainment.

I am not speaking as someone who knows everything, i have channeled gnosis regarding this, but i would adore anyone more experienced in Kabbalah or Sitra Achra and these types of workings to help me achieve this magnificent goal of inverting the 42 name of illusionary light. Please post your suggestions or questions here, and i would love people to get more involved in this.

Comments i find redundant or unhelpful will be ignored

Hail unto Lucifer and Hail Satan.


TO NOTE: Although they are written left to right they are read right to left.

The image is a work in progress.

Edit: an idea I had was the number. I am interested in, however not incredibly versed on the systems of complex magick numerology and number systems besides basic gematria and the core fundamentals of such. If this sevenfold name of god has 42 letters, then i was considering adding an extra letter to each name to “break the cosmic bonds” or something like that… if anyone would like to expand on this concept it would be interesting to hear ideas on this.

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Are these gateways?

Woohooo this is hardcore stuff! Cool!!!

There should be emphasys in HVHY, right?

Yes but also words of power. They can help you achieve an intentful spiritual attainment when vibrated and visualised.

How do you mean?

So it would be reversed and so HVHY, right?

Yes. It is the name of HVHY

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