Satanic -problem on the Path

Greetings All.

I would like to please revise this post as I am needing advice.Please have mercy on me, as I am a beginner.

I did a Satanic Dedication some years ago. It was not a pact with specific terms I would like fulfilled. It was just a ‘dedication’ I have been on the Path for a few years, and in that time I have experienced it to be the most incredible thing in terms of how I have transformed and established some kind of personal power.

I went through a period earlier this year of testing and developing my intentions of becoming ‘fearless’. I was progressing really well in that regard. However, recently I have hit a wall of what appears too much for me.Basically I have been sent signs of possibly going to jail. Although it sounds insane and more of a mental health concern, as I never and won’t break the law. However I heard this before, that someone who wished to become fearless got thrown in jail. Those fears have really overwhelmed me and messed with my mind.

As a result it prompted me to attempt to undo and break the ‘dedication’ I contacted Vernaxis, and explained I want out of the pact because I did it when I wasn’t ready. WHICH IS A REALLY WEAK EXCUSE. However, His response was that the pact/dedication had been broken. From today, it seems that I no longer have the Satanic energy and force I had- as though He has left me.

However, let us look at this logically…

Imagine for a moment… if I did a deal with the President of Russia, Mr Putin himself, I did the deal with him directly at head office and the pact was sealed and I did not intend to honour my side of the bargain on the weak basis that I wasn’t ‘‘ready’’.

If I then contacted a local municipal council office and spoke with a member of staff who told me that the deal was no longer valid, would you/I honestly believe him/her ? it would be foolish to do so…

Hence I am somewhat confused and the only way would appear to either honour my side of the pact, or re-negotiate directly with the President himself.

Please help if you can.



Will this help? This is my plan. Let me know please- will be greatly appreciated.

Now… for at least 33 days, ensure I stay in the moment, do not think of the future beyond 6 days nor the past beyond 6 days and do not think of any of the things I have mentioned before about our “friends”. Become self aware in the moment. Be alone in the moment an observer.

If my mind strays beyond these boundaries, pull it back within 6 seconds. I must be very very disiplined. Staying in the moment means only to think of my immediate surroundings, things, sounds, smells etc. Doing this makes me completely invisible to certain parties.

Dreams do not count.

If I do this, Consider it done???

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why didnt you ask Vernaxis for the help?
Do you think it’s destined for you to go to jail?
Some things can be altered if you.have spiritual connections…

Almost anything actually.

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You seem so certain…

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@Ravenxoxo Remember I’ve literally thrown someone across a room with magick alone. I think I can speak on what is possible.

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@Ravenxoxo Yes. That actually happened. It’s explained elsewhere on the Forum.

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Okay. I believe you. But this does not mean that the spirits can do everything…

If a complete novice can throw someone across a room, then someone who’s actually been in this for a decent amount of time should be able to do pretty much anything.

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@Ravenxoxo Remember, I am NOT some Adept. I am just a humble practitioner that has been blessed, truly blessed, with some extraordinary experiences early on.


Alright… I understand what you are saying.

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Hi. I read a post where someone recommended Vernaxis as a ‘go to’ guide to re-negotiate/alter any pact or whatever. I was however most likely ignorant in that aspect. Who else can you recommend? As I am certain there are more noble Demons that could be of assistance.

No, I do not believe it is destined for me to go to jail. I just do not wish to have it manifest, even if it is far down the line.

Thanks for the information, I greatly appreciate it, but am curious as to which spiritual connections can help me in this scenario.


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Belial from goetia is good for legal matters

When you say “Satanic dedication” do you literally mean Satan? If that is the case I would suggest speaking with him about it. If it was a dedication to the Satanic energy in general then it sounds more like a dedication to adversarial teachings in general, in which case I would not be too worried. A big part of the left hand path is experiences that you grow from, but those experiences are not always enjoyable. Growth is assured to the savvy student, however, so if it is growth you seek then rest assured it will come, whether you like it or not.

Hey Bro - thanks for your time etc.

Yeah, that’s it. I mean literally Satan/Lucifer, as from what I understand they are the same Person? So I am happy to talk to Him about. However in which way do you recommend me going about it? Can I just use His Sigil and connect in that way? I think that will work, as my ceremonial-ritual altar setup is still semi lacking. And what about the concept of giving an offering? What can I do there? I understand that the LHP either empowers/envenoms or it destroys. However some kinds of growth are not worthy to go through if the means which they were created and spring from are ‘too much’. In my opinion…


That’s incredible, by which means exactly were you able to achieve that as a beginner? Thanks for your time.

Thanks for your time.

Belial from Goetia. Ok I may look into that, or try talk to Satan directly. Can just the use of Belials sigil work, and what offerings does one give? Thanks

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It was under specific circumstances. It isn’t uncommon per sae. EA talks about something like that too. It’s just that with him it involved choking someone Darth Vader style. It’s one of the recent videos. It was quite a different situation for me, but the point remains. Under specific circumstances one can pull off something like that far before they should actually be able to.

@triangel If you can do something like that consistently and at will that’s an entirely different story of course. There are a few sorcerers who can. I am not there yet.

So this is good, right?

I’m really curious why you suddenly go full skeptic and question the help of a spirit who used several lives to become a major player in SATANIC ascent (not even, like many of us, open to all paths - purely satanic for that bad boy) and act like it’s not possible even despite your statement above?

Also, pls check your messages, green icon, top right - you have mail. :slight_smile: