Satanic Prayers

Hello everyone, I’m looking for some fun satanic prayers for myself and a group of witches in Canada. I want prayers to heal sickness, prayers for protection, and anything else you can think of. Please help me and my friends get into the habit of regular prayer by sharing some prayers with me.

Thank you!

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I don’t have you any full and specific prayers, but what I do have for you is something for ALL your prayers.

Atah Gibor LeOlam AZ - Now “AZ” is a multipurpose vibration that calls upon Az, Asheth Zenunim, Azazel, Azoth, Azag-Toth, Azael and more importantly the Pan-Satanic Dragon AZERATE.
it is a corruption of AGLA of course, AGLA which simply means “Thou, o Adonai, art mighty forever”.
However I assume you don’t want to honor any kind of Adonai from the Sitra Qdusha, so use AGLAZ.

“Thou, o Azerate, art mighty forever.”

This can be used in any infernal spell over and under the earth, and I reccomend its usage and writing heavily.

-Lotan Vovin


I have ran into a book that was interesting if your looking for some good prayers and things.

At Satan’s Altar: A Collection of Prayers, Chants, Affirmations, Hymns, and Rituals

But for me also I simply do prayers from my heart too. Also when you say Satanic do you mean to Satan or to more darker force? I ask because I have seen this be an exchanges word for LHP stuff in the past.


Just looking for regular prayers to Satan. Thank you.

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Well that be a good start. It has some for Lucifer and a few others that some see as “masks” of Satan.

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