Satanic grimoires to summon demons

I’d like a list of possible from those who know

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The Satanic Bible
The Necronomicon
Ars Paulina
Ars Goetia
Book of Azazel
Works of Darkness
Evoking Eternity


I was also looking at the grand Grimoire and the grimorium verum, @Mulberry any experiences to share with these? Are these good books? What about the picatrix?

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Well I don’t know about “Satanic” since I don’t even believe in Satan as anything more than an egregore and red herring designed to distract the sheep as “controlled opposition”. Satan is a JCI invention, so if you hate JCI why would you use their ideas? It just keeps you in the box they put you in.

I think Satanism is a Xtian cult, using Xtian concepts and adhering to all the dogma, inverted or not it’s all there, and thus best avoided for those trying to escape addiction to xtian dogma. Ask any alcoholic - go cold turkey; it doesn’t work to just substitute with the alcohol-free version.

The Necronomicon is not Satanic, it’s Lovecraftian chaos magick. Given your delicate state with the parasite issues you’ve had, I don’t recommend it in this case anyway since it’s not what you asked for. This book has a reputation for encouraging a state of madness via causing you to question reality.

Ba’al Zebul says Hi, maybe drop him a line? (Or that may be for me, not sure, make of it what you will.)

The three by E.A. Are good any of E.A’s earlier stuff is excellent, and I’d add The Kingdom of Flames.
Between those and the Ars Goetia you have years worth or work.


Picatrix is too outdated, Jake Stratton Kent’s Grimoirum Verum is a modern approach.


Hahaha you had a channeling going on? :slight_smile:

Would this be the same for Laveyan Satanism or spiritual Satanism? The philosophy is kinda appealing to me tbh

Satanism as a philosophy where you are the architect of your Kingdom, at the same time spiritual Satanism meaning you make your own path?

Would it be the same?