Satanic diary

religious thread well it’s pretty much spiritual but the majority of the entire thread is pretty religious. Writing that incase someone who’s sensitive about belief systems or something I don’t want to start any fights so if someone doesn’t like the sight of this now is your warning. I said this before and I’ll say it again. I respect other religious and spiritual beliefs.

I started a satanic diary and I’d like to keep it all marshal. I know I have made a thread a long time ago on my 9 days of solitude devotion and any moderators feel free to go delete that that was a mess I was not 100% prepared to go into it and I jumped the gun by building a thread for it so yeah.

In this diary aside from me dating and timing every single entry (I will try lol) I thought I’d squeeze everything satanism related in here.

  • dialogue conversations between father satan and I (if such occasion is allowed ofc)

  • new things I buy or make for him

  • I may drop a few prayers every now and then and if I think about doing that I’ll explain the prayer before hand as I’m almost positive not everyone on this forum will want to read a prayer to another god. I don’t want to topple in between someone’s comfort with there religious or other spiritual paths if that makes sense.

I’ll start it off with one to start it off with a bang so why not. Unless I’m not allowed to then let me know. As far as I’m aware doing so on BALG would be like the same as me posting some incantation or something right?

  • lots of recipes for offerings and such I feel some of you would find such a thing handy😄

  • any spiritual warfare work I may partake in with him.
    So maybe you’ll end up learning meditations and new magick that he taught me. (That is apart of an offering for satan)

I’d later hope to add plenty more. My idea for this is not to flaunt the fact I’m a satanist. But for two reasons:

  • write this thread and future replies in a way where not only you’re reading an experience I’m having but it’ll be written in a way where you can repeat it yourself if you’d like and learn. This is a learning environment I feel it would be appropriate. That’s sort of my offering to satan. helping others who wanna learn his path learn his path, also there could be things I’m not allowed to post like probably every working at an Alter or almost every lol. Idk only one way to find out and that’s to ask am I right?

I’d assume ritual work with him would be very personal (out of personal choice as well I won’t include certain prayers and rituals out of not only personal respect with my spiritual belief and all around respect as again. Maybe there are other religious people in here who won’t want to see a certain prayer or ritual that’s also why I will warn you all before hand)

  • and also obviously just a sign of all out devotion to father Satan as not only I’m engaged with him even more by documenting things with him. But you may also learn from here. New magick. Recipes and incantations as I’m sure I’ll find out something satanic related I’d teach here lol.

Well enjoy guys :3

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December 21 2022 12:33 AM

I’ll start it off with a personal one of mine I guess :smile:I noticed yea I can use the ones in the books I have but he seems to like it if I can come up with something on my own so I’ll do something on the spot I suppose.

So this is just for protection but not everyone wants protection from Satan so you know. If you don’t want to read it don’t :grin:but someone who says he’s really close to god told me (and I liked when he said this it was smart) praying is not about the words being said it’s about how you say it. Bam you just learned something I guess​:rofl:. Would this be considered preaching? If it is let me know and I won’t include prayers anymore :joy:.

“Praise thee all father satan. Lord of all that has sprung from the soil living and Inanimate, I ask that you use the light from your scorching flames to guide me and anyone reading this who is deemed appropriate of your protection safely so that no one may trip on the roots of there own despair. Allow us to walk unharmed, strong and solid. Nema”

:+1: :grin: well that was well worded if I do say so myself.

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December 21 2022 12:58 am

Writing this while on the night shift. I got nothing to do so I may as well use my phone to write some things. I can use my phone and watch TV here during work since the gym I work at is almost always dead during graveyard hours.

So I kind of just thought of something?

When I build this Alter and I have a thread somewhere under my name where you can stay updated on that. But that’s going to be cool I’ll have my own theistic temple with things that were picked during lots of thought like father’s pendulum and his vessel in the middle of the Alter ect.

I would love as an aesthetic if I get his permission to add some blue LED strips all around the temple as I see his aura to be like a lightning vibrant blue. It’ll put me in the mood.

Cause as my Jewish temple I attended was called “god’s house” this is going to be my mini house of worship as well. Of course I will still stick to other paths like working with the goetia ect just maybe either in my astral temple or I’ll make mini alters in my room out of floating book shelves. I’d like one for each gate keeper so that’s on my to do list as well but that’s not important at the moment. I have an issue with setting my priorities straight but me building an alter at some point was my promise to satan so that’s definitely getting done at some point.

December 21 2022 1:07 Am.

One more thing before I close up journaling for the night…well until I wake up from my sleep after my night shift so that would be night for me lol but anyway.

I will be doing the 9 days of devotional solitude here if I get permission. I’ll keep you all updated on that as well.

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December 22 4:02 am

Everyone seems to be asking the same question to me when they DO find out my religious/spiritual beliefs. “Why would you follow satan”
“Why would would you follow the devil!”
“Have fun missing out on your ticket to heaven!”
“You’re a monster you need help”

I heard it all from everyone. I don’t voluntarily share my practice unless you catch me practicing, see my books or other objects that are related. Or if you well, simply ask.

But I heard the obnoxious breed many times they always have something stupid to say.

So, I’ll give an explanation on why I chose to worship Satan!

I believe Satan created the knowledge, wisdom, free will and self awareness humans have today. I believe demons started science. Brought us today’s medicine and modern day technology. I believe these demons helped us man and women understand how our universe works. I believe demons gave man and women the ability to think for themselves and the ability to grow our intellect.

With all this in mind I show love. Appreciation. Devotion. Whatever you want to include in that list that’s loving. I show appreciation and I do so through praying to satan and demons and more.

I personally believe if Satan and demons didn’t exist. We’d all be walking zombies lacking free will and anything I said above.

Let’s not forget satan wants me to grow with spiritual power with Spiritual warfare. So the magick aspect of it as well.

That is why I worship. :grin:


Bookmarked! I’ll be waiting for more from your side.

Thanks for sharing.

December 22. 4:50 pm

Well I have some great news. I’ll be able to buy literally everything if not almost everything for my satanic Alter all at once. So all of this stuff should ship close to if not at the exact same time^_^

  • specifically picked out incense
  • incense holders
  • a pendulum I chose for him that’ll sit on the Alter
  • a black frosted goblet.
  • red. Blue. And black taper candles
  • candle holders
  • offering bowl for foods
  • burning bowl made of cast iron
  • treasure box for paper offerings and some dna offerings. ( wooden cigar box )
  • more lancets
  • candle holders that I absolutely love
  • pentagram tapestry for the back drop
  • black table cloth for the table

Sucks though that everything is going in a box until I settle into my new place.

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December 24 12:25 am

If my sketchbook comes in maybe. I can finally start this new grimoire….

I would like to actually document my power meditations, conversations with Satan that are important and other things. I don’t know.

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I am definitely going to be following your own journal. It’s so amazing to see another that practices like this. :pray:t2:

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