Satanic Covens

So I’m starting a coven called Satanic order and our patron is gonna be Azazel if I can get him to agree. I am your high priestess. Anyone in Maryland, DC, or Virginia who wants to join, comment and meet me June 28 2018 for me to initiate you. HAIL AZAZEL



May we ask for more details regarding this?

On my 18th birthday, I am gonna be in Columbia mall in Columbia Maryland and starting a coven if you wanna join

Don’t want to piss on your bonfire, but wouldn’t it be smarter to mature as a magickian first?

Like, getting comfortable with sigil opening, working with a few demons, angels, elementals, opening your senses fully, and so on.


Pfffft no. What are you? Rational?


Sounds amazing ,:slight_smile:

? meaning?