Satania YouTube videos QnA

Been very curious about these meditation-videos, and have loads of questions for those who might have used these mantras, like what are the benefits, the symptoms, what signs one should look out for?

First and foremost, what is the benefit of Soul transformations, like this one “Human Soul to Reptillian”

Here’s what it did say in the description, which of understands, but still unsure of the benefits of it (like does the Soul gets all the benefits, or is this a mutual thing that both parties get))
  • Awake/Stimulate your reptilian brain and DNA.
  • Energetic essence of the soul alchemy, reptilian transformation
  • Astral body transformation

Still have no idea of the benefits, like what specific benefits does this all mean (never did anything with Soul Alchemy, so would appreciate the advice)

“Human Soul to Warewolf” (don’t they mean Werewolf? or is this not the same?)

Again, not sure of the benefits of this, the Lycanthropy to me, just comes off as cutting lose your inhibitions and letting the Beast free, to be honest, that does sound very interesting, but I would like to know if there are other perks, advantages or disadvantages that come with it. So, pretty much the same question for the Reptilian, does the soul get the benefits, or is it a mutual party thing? Looking at you Werewolves if you’re on this forum, sell me on this topic.

“Human Soul to Vampire” Now, when comes to Vampires, I have mixed feelings on, one hand I believe them to be the Supernatural Predators that border between lust and romance, and the other, I see them as attractive parasites that feed on the life essence of others.

Again, what are the benefits of this, the pros and cons? Any Vampires here, do sell me on this, because well I am genuinely curious about the Vampires and what it means to be one?

“Human Soul to Djinn” now this one piques my interest (those who have seen my previous posts will know why).

Okay, now all they had was this one in terms of instructions: “This alchemy demands blood, sand, fire & salt” So, anyone knows what they mean by this? Like is there a ritual for it that uses these materials? I kind of wish they weren’t so cryptic about it. This might come off as a “No Duh” question with equal answer, but I do wish to know what are the benefits of turning your soul into a Djinn? Pros and Cons, does this strictly benefit the soul, or do both parties benefit? So, yeah if anyone has done this, please answer, these questions are burning me, demanding answers just to quench the flames!

“Satan (Satanic Powers) Call Mantra”

Yeah, this one perplexes me, like what powers do they mean? Like what benefits does one gain from meditating to this, did it once, and I felt a stirring feeling within me, intense, especially in my Crown, Third Eye, and I think others, though I start feeling energy flowing all around me like I was swimming in it.

“Mantra to Crystalize The Etheric”

Here’s the only info they offer “Manifest your dreams, your will, your fantasies, design, create and manifest…coagula…because everything is happening right now.” I seriously wish they stop being so cryptic, or at least add specific information about what this mantra means like I don’t understand what Crystalizing the Etheric means? or what’s the benefits? Like from this info, it comes off as it makes your wishes come true or bends Reality to your will? So, anyone here wanna clear the smoke?

Also, I made this Topic so anyone here can ask the same questions about the other videos, regarding their benefits and share our experiences about what these videos have done for us. So, for now these are my burning questions that demand answers.


In my personal opinion, I don’t think Satania has any idea what exactly the mantras do. They just seem to take them from around the internet and then make videos of them, copying whatever information is given at the original source. They have even taken at least one mantra from this very forum (Micah’s angelic mantra for the astral senses).


I miss Micah, dude was super solid with his mantras, and was direct with his info.


They just made new videos of incubus and succubus transformations as well.


I meditated on the incubus transformation yesterday, i felt a shift in my energy but nothing big. It didn’t mention how long your actually supposed to meditate to the mantra to get results. But said that the mantra and procedures/ritual is channeled from asmodeus by their coven.


Okay, now that you brought it up, what is the benefit of becoming an Incubus? First thing that comes to mind, being a male, you can seduce and make vicious, but tender love to your prey (or lover, if you have intentions of going steady).


It mentions in the description of the video the benefits as an increase of sexual perversions, and auric and astral changes so i guess its to program your energy body for sexual appetite and attraction. So yeah i guess the benefit is greater sexual attraction.


I presume that’s a good benefit, reason I asked was because well, we need to know what to expect from incantations like these. So, anything else you wanna share, like your experience with this video?

Nothing really happened at all.

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Well, thanks for still sharing even nothing happened, maybe it requires 10 days or something for continuous meditation, like do it once a day. Don’t be afraid to get experimental, and meditate on this video (also heard it helps if you recite the mantra as well) and use other videos like that Sodalite crystal video before using the Human soul to Incubus vid.


Regarding succubus and incubus check out this link leading to one of the other videos regarding Satania’s “Demonic Mantra To Open Yourself To Sex Possession”. Have used it before with my succubus ladies. Pretty rad stuff after constant practices on my part.


Anyone ever used this? Or worked with Ereshkygal? Never done any Sumerian Magick, and also could use more knowledge on those who dwell in Irkalla? I know some stories, mainly to use in my show that utilizes the Mesopotamian legends, mainly about Nergal (in the show he is a badass Antagonist), anyone wanna be my counselor in regards to properly portray them. i.e. I thought of a scene where Nergal finds out Ereshkygal is plotting against him and begins to uncomfortably beat her, and reminded her of how he killed her son but spared her life (yeah, he’s pretty much a true villain). So, yeah anyone counselors who want me to write these gods properly (I want to avoid making the same disrespectful portrayals as Norse Gods in MCU)

Anyway, I am curious about the benefits of working with these guys and calling to either destroying your enemies or healing yourself and others.
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I’d like @Velenos opinion on this :3

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Same here!

I love Satania been useing their meditation for a while.
It requires to really be able to go deep with the meditation to start interacting with that frequency.

Pretty cool is that they following me on Instagram :laughing:


Mind getting into the specifics of how? Meditation is fairly new to me, so mind giving me some helpful hints?

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Well idk I am not that good at going deep in that.
Sometimes I get there by accidents
Just learn to listen to your breath and focous on tension and when the whole physical body is relaxed then bring your attention back to your breath and watch it like you would watch a movie and get lost into it.

If you have problems with noise around then try and just listen to all the noise around you like its a song, combine the sounds like you would listen to a drummer and a guitar and so on different spices to the song

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Idk much anymore. You just need to be consistent and do this every day.

You can try and meditate after every time you go to the bathroom come back lie down in bed and enjoy the silence with in you.
Think of it as a reward for your self and smile and it can only he 5 min per session sometimes you will find your self deeper and you don’t want to get up anymore.


Also I forgot to mention this thread that I made for those that want to improve their meditation and wants to get consistent with it.
Join the club :smiley: