Satanachia my story so far short working

I conjured Satanachia before she came briefly wanted to know why I called her she went inside my teddy bear I wanted her help with a love spell I gave semen only made a few love rituals so let it off She helped me with knowlege and making me look beautiful.

2 Nights before Reinitiated contact I feel its extreemly easy for me and this spirit I do not know why I dreamed of women they were hot the dreams was interesting like we are not in a forest but outdoors and they started biting me and drain energy one even put a knife in me lol but it wasnt anything aggresive and scarry it was exciting havent happened before in a dream.

I got up the next day my feet were hurting my but and the muscles between legs so that was interesting like I was running whole day.

I asked satanachia not verbaly but to attract women so for now I am very pleased I got good signs with one girl I wanted I continue to give semen offerings like 3-4 times a day since 2 days. I havent asked anything particular on major I wanted guidance and just to attract girls :smile: aalthough I have a gf :wink: sorry for my writing :slight_smile: I am sleepy

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What is the update then?

she induced alot of fear in me for a few days and I dismmised her and cleaned the area :slight_smile: evil pressence told her I cannot work with her if I am afraid it was an illogical fear there was nothing logical in it I didnt see hear ot envision antthing just fear coming over me