Satan the true creator telekinesis + Introduction

Hello I am new here and I am a dedicated satanist and I study the satanisgod site and I been studying and learning and very interested in occult knowledge spiritually knowledge I am very interested in learning the basic of witchcraft I do power meditation and all and from my knowledge Satan isn’t evil and Satan and Lucifer are the same being

Welcome @Serpentblackflames Please tell us about yourself. This post is a jumble and doesn’t really tell us anything.

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?


Yeah, they’re not Satan is often called Satanael and Lucifer is Lucifer, only case Lucifer and satan are the same is by the title given to various entities including Lucifer.

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It’s not.

I take it from that even longer jumble that you don’t have any actual experience in magick. Thank you for elucidating more, and welcome to the BALG forum.

PS: Please try to use some punctuation in your posts. Makes them much easier to read, instead of paragraphs of run on sentences.

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So they are the same being,

Have you study the site,

The site teach you about Satan and his demons. I been studying that site and been putting two and two together. And it’s been accurate so far you should check it out, it teach you about the demons, other gods witchcraft, meditation. So much more


Satan the being is his own person, satan the title is not a person it’s a title humans slap on various entities that suit them.


I’ve been at this magick thing a long time. The JOS site is not accurate. It contains some useful exercises they ripped off from other sources, but it’s information is biased and completely false, based as it is on their own particular political ideology and the delusional ramblings of their High Priestess.

If you want to follow it, fine. There are others here that do as well. However, it is far from being an accurate source for information.


How do you truly know

A lot of the JoS website link demons falsely with actual Gods without any historical evidence on where their forced connections come from, they also for some time been trying to recruit teenagers to be “the army of satan” for quite some time is a red flag in and of itself.


Because I know how to think for myself and don’t believe everything I read on the internet without doing my own research and experiments. JOS is a cult, plain and simple. Their High Priestess is seen as infallible and you are supposed to take her word as gospel. However, once you understand the tricks, you can see them plain as day. :man_shrugging:

Since an introduction is required on this forum, I have edited your title to reflect that you have provided the necessary information to meet our rule.


I would second the advice given above.

Note that JOS is primarily a Neo-Nazi organisation that recruits teenagers under the cover of being theistic satanists. Maybe they are, I don’t know, but most of their info is highly speculative and ripped off from other sources.

Andrea Herrington, their leader is married to one of the most prominent Neo-Nazi leaders in the US, that should be a red flag in itself. I’m not making a political judgement here, just pointing out the facts about this organization, which is freely available on the internet, if you look for it.

That being said, at least their material brought you here, which is good, you can start learning the real stuff.


What info that is true on there so I can take that from there. And I know that Satan isn’t evil and the demons are the real guardians is true. And the meditation. What about the witchcraft the three steps of witchcraft. And about the Egyptians

Hold up I know some information on that site is accurate. I need to know which one is it. Tell me

DarkestKnight did already

Cause I need to know what information is good from that site and what’s not. Because becoming a witch is important and learning about my past life is important. To me I need to learn witchcraft. What about the raising energy is that important. It’s a lot

The exercises on energy manipulation and the “power” meditations are okay They were taken from legitimate sources and then dressed up in Satanic clothing.

However, you can ignore everything else.


What about the witchcraft. What about the Satan and his demons who are good. And they not evil and they expose the Bible and stuff

Besides associating it with Satan, they have good information on Kundalini energy.

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