hey guys
does anyone actually know that is there any difference between these three?
if there is what is it ?


All three of them are different beings with possibility of Lucifer taking the title Satan from time to time.I worded it wrong tho.Satan is not a being.Its a title but someone operates under that title.It could be Lucifer, it could be someone else.Shiva isnt related to any of them.

Of course this is my opinion


Shiva is the equivalent to a primordial God, a progenitor of the Hindu Pantheon. Lucifer is in some beliefs the equivalent to a 3rd generation God known as Enki or a Roman God or a fallen angel if we’re going by first mention of the name outside of it being used as a title, and satan is a title carries by many beings but sometimes also equated with the fallen angel Satanael from the book of Enoch I believe (correct me if I’m wrong there).

The difference is shiva predates them all shiva existed prior to creation and took place within the void before existence was born, Lucifer is way younger than Shiva and has a lineage before him, Shiva has no ancestors as he is an ancestor to his decedents along with Brahma and Vishnu.

Satan as mentioned is a title and possibly a fallen angel separate from Lucifer.


Many people consider shiva a mask of lucifer because of the common symbolism both the deities share, like trishul which is a common Luciferian symbol and also the serpent that is usually seen circled around the base of shiva’s neck. And there are many common connections between lucifer and shiva. To completely deny this fact would be denying the truth, to completely rely on this fact would give too much credibility to mere facts or symbols. Instead I walk on the greyish line In between, nor completely denying nor Completely accepting the fact that shiva is the mask of Lucifer, because when a deity is around for an extreme period of time, they often time get blended with others, and thus become composite deities. So I prefer being on the safe side nor Completely denying or completely accepting.

Now for Satan/shaytan, it is true, it’s merely a title given to various of deities like iblis/malektaus.


Satan is different from Lucifer, Lucifer is different from Shiva, Shiva is different from Satan


Even if they have some similar qualities, they’re different beings indeed.


According to old grimoires which clearly evoke, invoke all 3 .are different, but same goal.

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All three are quite different.

Shiva always and unequivocally refers to the Hindu lord of death and destruction.

Satan refers either to a class of angels or a demon prince of hell.

Lucifer is a title typically reserved for Christ or a different demon prince of hell.


Shiva like many said is a primordial Hindu God. He has many roles from a Hunter to the symbol of the end itself. He is a God of destruction but not senseless destruction (removing fear ans obstacles for example). He is benevolent yet fierce and has no beggining and no end and he will destroy the universe for it to be recreated.

Lucifer is a title meaning light bringer while Satan is a title meaning adversary. To me, Lucifer symbolises knowledge while Satan symbolises power.