Satan protected me from God

Alright I’m going to create my own version of this topic. ‚Satan protected me from God’
True story actually. :joy:

Back in the old days of me being closeted I still went to Christian gatherings and Church in order to keep the peace in the family and make certain family members happy. It was never a good idea I should have left the Church much earlier than I did but then again I think it was a tough move so I dont hold regrets so much. I know how much it took for me to make that move in the end so…

In Church there was a pentacostal movement and often I was quite tuned into this ‚movement’ and God. I was starting out in Satanism and I remember the God being very persistent to try and get past my bariers. I didnt want this presence in my life and yeah shit the Spirit was in the room. :thinking::roll_eyes:

So I kept saying no and it was very draining because of the force and energy clash. I ended up calling upon Satan to give me strength and to empower my will to be left alone. It was amazing to see what came out. I put my wards up, I was firm. And that was that. :joy::v:t2:

Hali Satan.


My condolences to you for having to go to church…

Have you given a coin into the bag? :smiley:


Sounds less like the actual God and more like a parasite pretending to be God.

The egregore isn’t THAT desperate to keep his followers.


Yes I used to when I somewhat believed some stuff. They say the money you give to the Church goes to God.

This is a load of bs imo. If this God exists so to speak he doesnt need any money because they arent human on the material plane. :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Well what can I say? Maybe I wouldnt then be here where I am now. Maybe there was some purpose in it all, though sometimes it sucked a lot haha. :thinking:


You might enjoy giving to the church of religion… Tithe, Death essence into the money bag. Visualize grey black energy going into the tithe box, money bag, etc. ( Only if the church leaders deserve it, of course. )

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Very Quaint and rebellious.
Does it a good example to simply be the other cheek of an ass?

To be honest I think none of them do really. They just do not understand perhaps?

Do their words or actions concern me? No. Does it concern me if someone preaches to me? Yes and no. In truth they preach to anyone and everyone and to them I am just another person they stumbled upon. I say let them be. They don’t know any better.

Don’t go throwing curses for the sake of it imo or death energy? I ask why? Yes you may dislike the church but the followers are also the priests, pastors and bishops just like those who attend church. Why would you direct your angst at them.

I just avoid religious debates with these people but other than this I would be fine interacting with these people and anyone and everyone.

Actually, I get along with spiritual christians, jews, muslims and such well. I keep my occult activities secret as they think all of the Shamans, psychics, Kundalini, powers of the mind and soul, Yoga, Hindus, Buddhists, Voodoo, and such things, are all the ‘devil’.
But, a lot of them mean well, and live good, responsible lives. I am referring to the 'other kind". And only IF AND WHEN it is necessary to do anything to them. Satanic WitchcraftSatanic Meditation
. As David r. Hawkins said in his book Power vs. Force, ““compared with the Splendor of Divinity, the god of religion shone dully indeed””. The Father, Son, Holy Ghost in the ‘real’ world is apparently NOT what the 3 Abrahamic JCI religions would have us believe. But, use your own reason and judgeent.
For the real crooks in religion, politics, banking, business, and every day life, hexing them when necessary, vampirizing their energy, and resources, money included, I can seed doing that. But, I need a good reason. As you said, not throwing curses for power’s sake, or to control others.
But, there are those times, that is seems necessary to curse certain entities. if nothing else, to send them away from ourselves.
And I just avoid debates, leave others where they are, and keep moving on.
Satan = truth in Sanskrit, Adversary in Hebrew. Seems the real crooks in high place don’t like Satan or the Truth.
And, those REAL CROOKS, they WILL ruin it for the rest of us if given a chance. May Satan burn them in Hell Fire.
Gods bless you


It was the supposedly the ‘Holy Spirit’ of the Catholic Church. I just was silly enough to stay in the room while the Spirit was in the room.
In the end I think it was down to the prayers said and the spirit was desperate to pour its love onto me and everyone else in the room when I clearly wasn’t having it.
BUT why did I stay? I was in a weird situation because I was there with my family and UM a minor and I didn’t know what would happen if I got the ‘talk’ about me not wanting to be there.
There was a lot of social pressure and others on here may not actually understand how cough excuse my French, how fucking hard it is to leave the church and how much shame comes out of leaving.
It takes some YEARS to heal any kind of religious trauma.
However to those that do understand, thank you.

Hail satan

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Same thing, according to Christians I’ve talked to.


And that’s bad because…?

How old are you?

If all you’re worried about is how people will think about you if you’re not Christian, then it’s probably time to leave them all behind.

I already have quite a long time ago and sorry I dont feel comfortable disclosing my age on here. I will say that I am glad that I left and that was the best thing I did… :smile::wink:

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I’m not sure what you exactly mean? :sweat_smile:

He just meant why u stayed with the spirit in the room

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