Satan possibly reaching to me & weird dreams

Hey there everyone! Wanted to write a post about some strange shit happening, it will be a bit long, so I hope it isnt a problem.
So, not so long ago I did an introduction here, mentioning I had costant dreams of demons, performing daemonic rituals, Lucifer, Satan, and so on. I was really low energy so I couldn’t know for sure if these meant something or not through divination, so I ignored them.
But today’s dream was really out of the “normal”, so I’m a bit worried I could’ve messed some shit up.
In VERY few words: in this dream i fell in a door like it was a black hole or a portal, and landed in a room full of elegant red furniture, carpets, red everything. Also lots of bookshelves. There were no windows, the room was almost dark and full of incense smoke. I sensed dark, daemonic energy and started to feel very sick at first - but then I kinda found my balance and the power of said energy was feeling great. In the room, there were three people in very elegant and official clothes: I knew it was Lilith, Lucifer, and Satan. The first two didn’t pay much attention to me, but Satan said: “Introduce yourself”. So I did, still kinda scared. Then, he asked what I wanted. I said “Knowlege. Share me your wisdom”. So he started searching for some books, and also giving me advices on what should I do, how to work with spirits. In my dream, I was writing all the things he was saying, to remember them…
Then I woke up, all freaked up for so much energy, obviously not remembering a thing of his words.
Idk, I feel like I should kinda pray to him and give some offerings, but it feels difficult 'cause I’m really low energy ): I hope it was just a gentle invitation to work with him and not some warning…
I did a lot of research on demon work but honestly I still feel kinda too stupid to do such important work!

Thanks for reading, I would like to recieve some advice, please. Hope the category is right!


This was nice to read, yes if you feel like it, definitely pray to him for help and answers

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Think you have successfully invoked the dark trimurti, don’t worry if you don’t remember the advice, it’s ‘downloaded’ and will guide you, just listen to your intuition…

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Oh thank you. I’ll follow your advice.

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