Satan OR Lucifer

Are Satan and Lucifer the same? If yes then who is Samael?

Before asking such a common question, please try using the little magnifying glass in the upper right. There are many, many threads already with the answer to this question.

The consensus is, they are NOT the same.


Yeah I did some searching but didn’t got any conclusive answer.

Neither Satan nor Lucifer nor Samael are the same

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No, they’re not the same.

That’s hard to believe since all threads come to the conclusion that they’re not the same. I see these kinds of threads coming up every other day at this point…


How are they different

My perspective on it:


Lucifer is a more modern name that has been given to the Greco-Roman deity of the morning star (Venus): Helel. This is due to to the Hebrew name “Helel ben shahar”, which means: “Helel, son of the morning”, being translated into Latin. The name ‘Lucifer’ comes from the Latin words: ‘lūx’ and ‘fero’, becoming the poetic name for Venus. The name was used for the King of Babylon: Nebuchadnezzar II. The bible verse (Isaiah 14:12) was misinterpreted to be speaking of a fallen angel, when, in reality, it was a prophetic warning to the King of Babylon.

Some also say that Lucifer/Helel is also Attar due to them both being beings of the morning star AND also because Attar attempted to usurp the throne of Ba’al, only to descend into the underworld, becoming “god of all of it”.


“Satan”- or rather: “Ha-Satan”- is a title that is given to Samael. Said to be both a Prince of angels and King of demons. Said to be either an angel or a devil. By his very title, he is The Destroyer, The Seducer, The Accuser. Many people say that when one is contacting Lucifer (in regards to the “fallen angel of Hell”), Samael is who they contact. In my personal experience, and the experience of others I know, that is the case.

They’re just not the same being. It’s like: Spirit A and Spirit B.

Hiya OP! Those three identities can be held by the same consciousness, but they are not the same patterns. It’s very easy for a being to become a Satan, but not so with the other two! The conditions necessary to become a variant of the Satan type are much broader than most other mythical entities. :slight_smile:

Satan is often seen as a title but also the fallen angel Satanael who was one of the princes of the Grigori if I remember right.

Samael is a fallen angel as well but not a grigori and was said to have fell long before Lucifer did.

Lucifer leads the Infernal Empire, but also believed to be the Greek Titan of the Morning Dawn along with his twin brother the Evening Dawn.

So overall no they’re not the same entity, not the same energy either, they’re not just blobs of energy with programming and direction, they’re living beings who live their own separate lives with family, friends, enemies, responsibilities and so forth.


samael is the female aspect of lilith

You mean male?

though it’s very similar to Azazel being Naamah’s male counterpart mainly because they are lovers/parents of asmodeus. I don’t know about the other sisters.