Satan - Not an entity

Satan for me was and always will be The absolute Supersoul of existence. Or rather I should say existence itself. From Satan’s divine soul, a glorious universe is known. Satan, in fact, would be the pure cosmic mind, operating entirely on the laws of Ontological Mathematics. Living mathematics. There is nothing that exists outside of Satan. Because there can be nothing outside of existence. Satan would be Nothing and everything, 0 and infinity. Alpha and the Omega. Aur and Einsof Aur.

Satan is the Universe that creates itself. Satan is the ultimate cosmic Phoenix. As Satan in the most noumenal dimensionless sense detonates itself, he creates the material universe where his soul is fragmented into infinite souls who all possess the Divine God Spark of Satan. Each soul seeks to become complete and perfected and reach Godhood and by that create Satan all over again and thus give birth as a Phoenix to a new form for Satan. The whole moment of creation was a big bang but it was a mental big bang that created the physical. Mind over matter. That is why science is absolutely wrong since it only accepts the phenomenal and not the noumenal. Phenomenal can never explain the Noumenal. Matter can never explain Mind, matter cannot exist without mind, while Mind can without matter.

As Satan reaches perfection, he would do the process all over again, this time from a different Mathematical statistic and for the universe to create God (Satan - Abraxas) from different odds entirely. So basically as Satan is the only thing that exists, it seeks to become perfect again and again, each time in different statistical terms which are infinite in number. Therefore the Universe never really had a beginning point and never will have an ending point. What it has is beginning and end of every cycle. As every end is a new beginning and to every beginning there was an end that preceded it.

Satan is the ultimate true God and we are in his image that we can be Gods as well who penetrate to his mind and have access to all the knowledge of the Universe.

In programming terms, imagine an object oriented programming that has classes and objects. Each class holds properties and methods and we can create from that class infinite objects who would hold the exact same properties and methods. Each object is refining itself and creating itself, improving the complexity of its mathematical code and seeks to become perfected in the most absolute sense. As above so below.


For you, Satan is God with capital G, but why the name Satan (Adversary)? Isn’t this figure originally an angel or a dark aspect from the Jew God?

Since he is the adversary of the Jewish “God”.

Well, in the Judaism, their God doesn’t have an adversary, even Satan is an angel that obbey him, this is a christian idea that came from zoroastrism probably. And talking from a magickal perspective, Yahweh seems to be a weak entity and having an Adversary who is the Universe itself while he lives on it doesn’t make much sense??? I’m not trying to be annoying with you, I’m just wanting to see this point of view.

The Universe is a cosmic mind. Satan represents the higher self of the Universe, of the collective consciousness, of that cosmic mind, while Yahweh represents the lower self of the collective consciousness. It’s adversarial in these terms.

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I might have seen a similar vision, but I named it Leviathan… also the wrong name but it’s what I got, and the name and image are an interface to the universe not the universe anyway, so it doesn’t matter that much what skin you put on it.

Ah, in my vision a minor god of one planet was too insignificant to consider: yhwh/allah wasn’t in the picture. The universe is so much bigger than that. I’m not even sure the arch daemons we work with daily have jurisdiction outside the milky way. There’s a hell of a lot of galaxies, so…

satan is as real as I am get with the program man.