Satan & Business Magick

How would I go about using Satan to gain fast success in business? I’m not sure what to ask him or how to use his domains due to the fact that I’m not aware of all of them.

My intention is to be liberated from my job by the end of this year. My business provides magick services catering to the community needs of African-Americans and American Indians.

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You’re talking about THE adversary. The devil of a thousand faces…a thousand masks…

It’s like a dartboard where even if you miss your target you’ll at least still hit the board more than likely (unless your aim is abysmal…)

Just about anything should fall under the ability and purview of Satan.

Pick something and go for it.

This is the adversary.

Likely some hard realizations and some tough decisions will be involved for your personal evolution and transformation.

But you likely be much better off for it.


Ok! I’m A Gemini so this is all really starting to add up. The spirits I attract and take most interst in are usually extremely complex and multi-faceted. Satan , Dantalion , Adramelech , and Lord Camazots are deities that I’ve attracted , all which I feel completely drawn to but have trouble understanding

So I can just about ask him for anything and I should have delievered results? Just want to make sure

So if i ask for financial liberation through my business it’ll require some tough decisions and hard realizations essentially? I suppose it makes sense.

Depends on what you mean by that.

You won’t likely become a “famous movie star™” overnight or anything.

lol of course not … I don’t believe in overnight success. Even if i did ask for that I know it wouln’t last long. I’m asking for business success and prestige

I would maybe take a look at Clauneck. Hes fantastic for bringing the flow of money and deals with business and riches. His domain is finances.


I appreciate the advice but I did an extremely layered spell with Satan , Adramelech and Suhn’Tal’Ock and it seems to be working. It’s the greatest tag team I’ve ever experienced and I’m glad I listened to my intuition.

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