Satan and Azazel or Lucifer and King Paimon

so these are obviously not the same spirits but people have seen them that way who do you guys work with more the light or darkness… I tend to follow Satan and Azazel because they have strong forceful energy and I am like addicted to their darkness it fuels my spirit energy quicker than Lucifer and King Paimon however I do sense the light aspect from both Lucifer and King Paimon at times like during meditation so how about it what duo do you guys call upon the most…

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just noticed a lot of threads geared towards King Paimon and Lucifer lately so thought I’d ask…

Yeah, I know, especially when it comes about Azazel :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t make contact with Satan since a loooong time, btw.

King Paimon’s energy feels very hot/warm/heated, I remember that once when I evoked Him, I thought that I was in the middle of a desert.
Azazel’s energy feels very dark, but at the same time it’s lustful, it’s hard for me to abstain to not jerk off or to not have sexual fantasies when I evoke Him or try to make contact with Him :slight_smile:
Lucifer’s energy is very intense and it makes me feel sedated and it’s hard to remember wtf I wanted to say or what I wanted to do.


ha ha yes I always wack it after contact with Azazel damn lust crazy bastard also Satan feels really dark along with Azazel both have strong dark energy that’s crazy intense

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Do you think that Azazel does that (emmanates lustful and dark waves of energy) intentionally? Maybe He does that intentionally, idk :)) I love Him, He loves me :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes he is the lust demon Bible book of Enoch says he had lust over human women during his time as an angel came down to earth and got his dick wet with many bitches and took a human wife he is responsible for birth of the half angel half human giants according to biblical scripture

he is also the teacher of witchcraft and the art of war which is why you might get energy vibes of blood and lust from him Azazel is my guardian demon so I tend to study from him and know all about his cool cocky suave ass

Yeah, I asked for His help when I did a baneful ritual/work.

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I always call Sallos and Lucifer at the same time.
They changed my life.They are strong and fast