Satagraal Talks of Seership, Mastery of The Rapture State, and Transfiguration of The Self

Hey guys,
I just did an Evocation of Satagraal from the Grimoire Kingdom of Flames. He rules over all things dealing with Seership, Self projection, and Prophecy. Here are the Notes:

Question 1
What is needed to Master Seership?


Do not think, but see. Bring yourself into the state to see visions by transfiguration of the self and the environment around you.

Its nothing special to see visions; the only thing special is the amount of dedication.

Question 2
What is required in order to transfigure the self and environment?

A shift of Consciousness brought about by either psychedelics (mushrooms) or meditation. The Rapture state.
Allow your environment to shift for it is the self that seethes and moves, then the Surroundings.

Question 3
Can you give me a Incantation to use to assist in the Transfiguration of the Self?

Satagraal: Racamay’in eshtu kala
This will lift you into the higher Worlds and tear the veils wide open.

Question 4
Are there any final words we need to know?

Satagraal: The key to Seership is practice. You must choose to see into the worlds and behold with accuracy what you will, with your will. Many look, but do not see. Its called seership, not look-ship.

End of Evocation
Accompanying Soundtrack:
“Ten Tonne Skeleton” by Royal Blood


Thanks for sharing…

So basically what he’s saying is, focused visualization… the longer the better. Trance state, and practice.

I agree with him, good advice.


Very nice job. This is very good info. Thanks for channeling Satagraal @Micah