Hello everybody.
I wanna ask a question about Sastan. Last weekend I decided to go evocation for Sastan. I draw his sigil. Chanted his name. Opened his sigil. Then Used E.A.'s 4 incantations, the one with “calling forth”. Meditated for a while. After all, I asked him to “Heighten my vision. Empower my psychic abilities.”. Thanked him for answering my call. Burned a cigar for him as a gift.
After all I experienced something.
It was like… At the back of my neck a huge amount of electric was trying to enter to me. I entered into trance. Without trying. While I was in trance I was flying inside of the room. And I fell asleep. Is this A good sign? Sorry for my English.
Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a great sign indeed. Good luck!

Sounds like you got what you asked for, the trance shit that went down was you not yet trained for what you where given. train your talents thats all. my opinion anyway.

Thanks Harzar! I wish you good luck too!

And Deon, you’re right. That was so intense for me. I’ll have to work on this. Thanks for reply.