Sassy Red Head! Hey!

Who I am:

My name is Sydney, my husband and I have known about the Draconian Current for years. I have one little boy who is the light of my life and keeps my life interesting, yet very busy! We belong to the Protestant faith. My husband and I are polyamory and we believe in coexisting with others.

My work:

I am a Shaman/Shawoman who deals with healing and subconscious healing. My path is very RHP; yet, my husband favors more of the LHP. Our marriage works, as we believe in just being ourselves.

I will not be posting much, will be doing more research than anything on this website. Most of our friends are within the Draconian Current. I believe in using angles to help with spiritual healing and I am excited to get more knowledge on my own.


You sure seems interesting.
Do you mean draconian current as in working with Belial?

I know nothing about the draconian stuff, except that there are two different forms of it, and one of them deals with demons.

Regardless, welcome to BALG.

May I ask what you hope to achieve here?



Why, and to what extent?


@Linuriel_Starborn - yes! My husband favors the LHP in the Dragon Path. He’s worked with Beliel before; yet, that’s as far as he will go with it for now. We have friends who are within the LHP; some are Dragons. Some are not.

My work is very much based within the RHP with healing. My goals are simply to gain more understanding, as I work directly with abuse and healing the subconscious mind. I directly believe that these demons and angels work together.


Draconian Current and Protestantism at the same time??


You sure you mean the Satanic - Luciferian Draconian Current? Invented more or less by Thomas Karlsson around 30 years ago? There’s no way this can go with Protestant


Interesting indeed.

Good to hear, and much needed in todays society when so many people lay broken.


@anon96217651. Good question! I had to make a choice. Do I have my child grow up in a home with parents constantly fighting or coexist with each other?

We did therapy. I found my path when I accepted the fact I could believe what I believed and allow my husband to live the way he does. Plus, realizing I didn’t want to give up my husband due to my own fears was the only way to keep my life intact.



We maintain Protestant to keep family peace. Otherwise, we follow The Occult. Close family members have known for years. We go to church only on major holidays.

Welcome to the forum, you sure have some different things mixed up :smile:

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@Edwin_Odesseiron - There are traditional things one does not give up. While my husband and I follow The Occult - we will not give up family. We still celebrate in holiday traditions, as my son needs experiences with his cousins. Why deprive him. And he must choose his own path.

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Haha! Yes, we do! And sometimes my life is chaotic.

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Ok no problem :slight_smile: but when you say draconian current, you mean by it this spirituality i’m talking about in a post above?
So if I got it right, you practice Protestantism just as a family uniting practice? Im just curious

@Edwin_Odesseiron Bingo! We are only home during the holiday season. Spiritual experiences and growth is important within finding your own path.

Ask all the questions you want! :blush:

Sydney, welcome. :slight_smile: I’m pretty new here myself, and haven’t had much of a look at the RHP side of the forum. Hopefully it’s as hopping as the rest for you.

What is Sacred, is Sacred. I couldn’t agree more. I’m glad to see more poly folks around, as well! Looking forward to some interesting conversations. It sounds like you have a profound and beautiful dynamic going on in your family- we should all be so lucky.

Hi, welcome.
You look gorgeous if i may say so. :heart_eyes::sweat_smile::blush:
Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome @TheEyesAwaken :blush:

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Welcome to the forum Sydney!! :wave::relaxed:

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@MalikLucius - Most of the time we do.

@Ultraviolet - it’s called the magic of make up. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Welcome to BALG. There are many topics to research if your goal is learning. There are also many helpful members here who want to see you reach your goals. Let me know if I may assist you with anything (and I’m sure many other members would be the same).

Best of luck in your quest.