Sargon of akkad saying magick isn't real

Sargon of akkad is a YouTube personality that I frequently watch. He just uploaded a video of a topic which I cannot discuss because rules on politics. But he is someone who believes and trusts facts and science above all. My question is is there any way we can empirically prove magick to be real?

Why do you need to prove it? It doesn’t matter if some random personality doesn’t believe it. Can it be proved empirically? Yes, look up studies of placeboes and such. The information is out there, the media is just selective of what they present.


It’s more of the idea that if we can get the greatest scientific minds working to improve the quality and potency of magick it would completely change reqlity


Yes, thats looking ahead! That will one day be a reality, when we design (cough cough release already existing) technology that will be able to read energies and such. We are in the aeon of Horus, and thus the world must change in accordance with its values. Whatever happens next in our Earth reality system is a byproduct of our collective thinking… we can choose slavery or liberation.


There’s a good chance they’d advocate for legally limiting magick for ethical reasons. We are living in the only time of history where ALL forms of magick are legal, and that is due to atheists like Sarg’n.

I also suspect the current culture surrounding science roots out psychically inclined people.

That being said, you could argue that ritual magick entails self-hypnosis and placebo, which is objectively ‘real’.

And then maybe argue jungian psychology.


That’s true. Granted I don’t think the spirits would take kindly to that

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The thought-form argument? I guess not, but one step closer I suppose.

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Hmm? What do you mean?

Like, what would the spirits not take kindly to?

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Humans are more complicated than that. It’s not always a matter of evidence. People have many different reasons to choose to accept a specific belief or point of view. Evidence is only one of them and it’s rarely the true reason. Chasing them individually with evidence is waste of time, in my opinion.

Better is to seek documenting evidence for the reality of magick, and make that evidence public for everyone to discuss and study. Personally I highly doubt that this will happen anytime soon because honestly, the majority of magicians can not provide such evidence, and the ones who can, don’t really care.


I’d say it’s near time to flip that particular pyramid.

On Sargon, I watch him as well. When it comes to him or others speaking on magic I usually know where they stand on the issue, understand it, and tune it out as it is not the reason I watch them.

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In my opinion. Proving magick to the masses would be a disaster for magicians and occultists. We are protected by their ignorance, religious superstitions, and the constant B.S about magick they inject in mainstream media.

If we expose ourselves and what we can do, we will be faced by two options… become slaves of the system or start a war to take over everything because we won’t be allowed to co-exist in peace. I witnessed that first hand. Fear will eventually drive people to get rid of its source so “they” could live in peace. Doesn’t matter if you’re using magick to heal or destroy, a black or white magician. Fear is blind.

To individuals, like that Youtuber-Scientist? Proving magick to him is harmless. He’s only one person and his beliefs won’t change anything except for himself, his fans and people who care about what he thinks. If there are magicians here who care enough to prove magick to him, I hope they join and do it.


Sargon is an idiot who thinks the idea of Britain was conceived by Loch. His opinion is worth nothing.

But as for the empirical evidence of magick? Yeah, that is not going to happen. Magick is metaphysical, you cannot physically see it. Much like gravity. A metaphysical force needs a physical object in which to manifest itself. Just as gravity needs a pair of keys or a human for instance. The issue here is that people take gravity (that which they cannot physically see) as a given because a bunch of university graduates in lab coats say it is so, despite there being logical evidence against it. The “keys test” can be logically explained in terms of air density as well.

Magick comes from the acausal (outside Newtonian physics and the current perceived laws of the universe), so the following excerpt from an attempt to clarify acausal existence with mathematical theory is relevant.

It is stated in several articles about the acausal that it is only a theory based
on certain axioms, and that this theory is posited to explain certain things
which are currently unexplainable by other rational theories. The things
explained by the theory – which the theory attempts to explain in a logical
way – are the nature of living beings, and the nature of empathy, of
sympatheia with other living beings.

This theory posits an acausal realm (continuum) as the source of the energy
that animates living beings; that this energy differs from the energy
observed by sciences such as physics and chemistry; and that all currently
known living beings are nexions – regions – where the theorized acausal
intersects with, is connected to, or intrudes into, the observed physical
(causal) universe known and described by sciences such as physics.
The theory also posits that this acausal realm is a-causal in nature and that
it (and thus the acausal energy said to originate there) cannot be described
in terms of three spatial dimensions and one dimension of linear time, and
thus its geometry cannot be described in terms of the current mathematical
equations used to describe such a four-dimensional ‘space-time’ continuum
(such as the tensorial equations that, for instance, describe the geometry of
Riemannian space-time).

It is therefore posited that the acausal may be described or could be
described by an acausal Space of n acausal dimensions, and an acausal,
un-linear, Time of n dimensions, where n is currently unknown but is greater
than three and less than or equal to infinity. Currently there are no
mathematical equations that are capable of re-presenting such a type of
un-linear, non-spatial, n-dimensional space.

Were someone to develop such mathematical equations to describe such an
acausal geometry it should be possible to explain acausal energy – i.e.
acausal waves and their propagation in both the causal and the acausal, in
the way that Maxwell’s equations describe the propagation of causal
energy/waves in four-dimensional physical space-time.

It is posited that to develop such mathematical equations requires a new
type of mathematics since current geometric representations (two, three,
and four dimensional) use a differential – the calculus (tensorial, matrical,
Euclidean, or otherwise) – of linear (causal) time.

As for the nature of the acausal dimensions, they are currently undefined
except as extensions to current mathematical concepts: that is, as non-linear
and non-spatial in Euclidean terms.

If the postulated acausal energy exists, then it should be capable of being detected and such energy measured, and the theory of acausality suggests
that it might be possible – even using current scientific means – to detect
acausal charges (manifestations of acausal energy in the causal) – by
microscopically observing the behaviour of a living cell and its components
(such as the nucleus) under certain conditions such as observed changes
when in the presence of other acausal charges (living cells and their

The theory also suggests that another way might be to construct some new
type of experimental apparatus which can detect acausal charge directly,
and makes a comparison with how electrical charges were first discovered,
measured, and then machines developed to produce and control their
propagation, as in Faraday’s experiments in producing electric currents.

The theory also makes it clear that there are currently no experimental
observations to verify the existence of such acausal charges so that the
whole theory remains an interesting but speculative theory.

{End quote}


Dont try to do that until science catches up with magick.

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The day magick, witchcraft and such is again considered real, will be the worst day for us. Let them live in ignorance, or they will try to regulate it, legislate it, ban it, and make you accountable. As long as it is considered a fantasy, nobody can accuse you of killing someone with a curse.

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Quite the opposite, the Golden Age will happen.

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While scientific discoveries, experiments, and inquires have help shaped the modern world for for good and ill but keep in mind that science is not the be all and end all. Also, know that modern science by their own accounts can’t prove consciousness exist yet no scientist worth her or his weight in salt denies the existence of consciousness.

Why can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness?

What Is Consciousness?

^^^^So you see science has it’s limitations. Truth be told science is just another belief system and they have their own biases and scientists have taken on the role of the religious clergy in the Western world; " Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion BANNED TED TALK"

That TedTalk is about 18 minutes by Biologist and coiner of the “morphogenetic field theory” Rupert Sheldrake and his talk was so controversial that TED group which is supposed to be about “revolutionary ideas” pulled it off their website. It angered the high-priests of science for exposing that their be-all and end all empirical system is just as much a belief system as any religion or spiritual paradigm.


I honestly don’t care if it does or doesn’t I’m not flashy with my practice nor am I doomsday of “us all” if they find out about it. Everyone’s aware of it in the back of their mind they just choose to ignore it or acknowledge it. regardless them finding out I feel doesn’t hinder or improve anything besides those flashy tryhard will either be more open about it or keep it to themselves. My only issue is the perception of it being based around the most cringiest energy workers and occultists. I don’t really care for the us/them mentality when it comes to the idea.

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Xendrath is 100% correct. It seems people need to read up on the Salem Witch Trials and the history of persecution of Pagans, and witches in European history when the Catholic Church was the supreme authority. Also, I don’t want to just pick on Europe because even today in African nations accusations of witchcraft can lead to murders and even imprisonment. If magick/sorcery/witchcraft is even ruled real in contemporary times then it won’t be long before various groups from religious to political are demanding shamans, sorceresses, sorcerers, witches, warlocks, register with some state or even federal authority i.e. regulation of magickal practices. To not let my comment run into the danger zone of political discussion; check out the cyberpunk/fantasy genre role-playing games of Shadowrun where magick/sorcery/witchcraft have become realer in the sixth age. In the Shadowrun universe magic practitioners are regarded as living weapons. While magic users have rights to practice their spiritual beliefs; however the “awakened” actual practice of sorcery can lead to criminal charges if those persons aren’t careful in how they use their power. Yes Shadowrun is role-playing game but when you compare it to real human history that really not so far fetched due to intense persecution of Pagans in the past and even in some countries today around the world.

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How about we start with getting magik legal world wide to end persecution of practitioners first. We don’t all live where it is legal.