Hi Community
Anyone know what kind of offerings Sargatanas likes ???

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All spirits love tobacco. Many of them are partial to organics with less toxins. In the states we’ve got American Spirit cigarettes. Most also are fond of liquor and rum is a personal favorite of the Lwa in my area.

Thanks for the tips

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I can see that you’re getting no response from the community for an offering to this particular entity.

Do you have a good source material for working with Sarganas, a grimoires of sorts or something, or even a seal?

That’s because the answer is NOTHING.

We explain up and down all the time that you don’t need any offering, and he knows that already so there’s no point repeating it.

It’s counter productive for a mage to allow himself to be told what to do. Free thinking is cool. :sunglasses:

If you’re the one that wants to make an offering, offer whatever you WANT to offer. there’s no rules for this, and if someone/entity tells you one thing, if you want to do it great, but this isn’t highschool where you get into trouble if you don’t write between the lines.

You already gave your time, energy and gratitude, and your commitment to improve yourself: that’s is all is really wanted and it’s done.


Just…I don’t know…ask him? :man_shrugging:

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Normally i just offer him. Sandalwood incense