Sargatanas or Satanachia and other questions

Hi everyone i have few questions last night i done an evocation with Azazel Sallos and Dantalion and i asked them to give me a dream that why my love spell failed and i got the dream after the evocation i didnt understand the meaning of the dream but i saw the person in the dream. She looked away when she saw me and i also remember i was in the palace in Satariel and someone gave me a blue sapphire.
After this dream which i asked from spirits my faith to them is now back because i got the result that i want even thou i didnt understand the dream fully.
I also have few questions. First is how to put my will and intention into the spell durning the evocation is it the same thing as visualizing the result durning the evocation?
And for making someone become interested in me ( I know that its a bit harder to do love spell instead of attraction spell but i completely believe that i will get the result if i choose the right spirit ) my question is should i go with Satanachia or Sargatanas? ( Also if you have other spirit in your mind i will apperciate the suggestions )
And another question there was someone ( My mother ) that abused me both physically and mentally i want to do a curse on her ( I said this to make you sure its justified ) and i used search function but didnt find any spirits that cause mental issue and attack the person mental health any suggestion?
Sorry if there is alot of questions


Sometimes you have to be patient and not jump the gun and don’t assume it failed, because that can make it fail. You’re kind of doing magick to manifest failure, by thinking about how it failed even if it’s still working, and you create a conflict in the energy. I think you got lucky and it was almost already done. Never doubt, doubt kills magick. :slight_smile:

Yes, sounds like you’ve got that down pat.

For a love spell? It’s up to you. I would call Amon myself, I’ve never worked with those two.

Look up Dra’talon from the Book of Azazel. He drives people insane very slowly. But if you don’t want her to end up so crazy she kills herself, then I don’t know anyone. Before you ask, no you can’t ask Dra’talon to not to kill her.


Thanks i thought with myself i decided to not do any curse on anyone for some reasons

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