Sarah Anne Lawless- Soul Flight

Thought this was a fascinating read.



Very interesting. I especially like the line near the beginning where she says all of the things Witches are not. I get really annoyed by Wiccan-Neo Pagans who tell everyone within earshot they’re a witch while wearing that oh-so superior smirk on their faces. New Age fuckery, indeed. Thanks for posting.

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I’m thinking there are Wiccans and Neo Pagans here, so I thought I should clarify, lest I offend. I don’t begrudge any one’s path. What I have a problem with are those who wear their beliefs on their sleeve for all to see. In my experience, it’s usually for one of two, or both, reasons. 1) They’re insecure and looking for validation from others, and/or 2) They’re on the latest spiritual trend and want everyone to know. Like the faux Hinduism of the Yoga Moms around here. “Look at me, every one! I’m a Hindu! And I learned everything I know from a 23 year old white girl who took a six week Yoga instruction course. Namaste! Namaste, everyone! Sending out positive vibrations for world peace!” Yeah, namaste this. A year from now your trophy wife ass will be back watching Oprah and going to book club. Those are the “Witches” that annoy me. And unfortunately, I’ve known a fair few.


Old post but what you said was very true. And you know what? I’ve done the same thing. Jumping on spiritual trends and wanting other’s acknowledgement. But ultimately, that won’t get you anywhere. In the Gospels, Jesus frequently admonishes people who pray in public or go around making sure everybody knows they’re giving to the poor. “They’ve already received their reward.” If we’re not seeking mere human praise, but the progression of our souls and the development of our power, then it’s totally counterproductive to wear our practices on our sleeves!


Long time, stranger. Welcome back. I think all of us have been guilty of it, from time to time. We just want everyone to see we’ve found this amazing, wonderful thing. But as you say, it’s counterproductive. We spend all of our time and energy showing, instead of doing. The “doing” brings the real reward.


Shameful behaviour to be sure. Long before the inquisition, we understood the power and necessity of disciplined silence.

At the same time, I’ve really enjoyed joining this forum and having the ability to speak my mind with other occultists. I never joined a coven or order, so I wound up walking around with a lot of great stuff on my mind and no one to talk to about it.

Any person worth talking to about magic will be able to pick up on another practitioner’s interests without it being directly stated. Observation skills are the first step on any path of ascent.

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The vast number of fluff bunnies out there who have some vague interest in chakras, crystals, books about simple magickal things like healing etc., are the cover and the support that make another witch hunt highly unlikely, and as long as magick has a benevolent popular image, those of us who dig deeper will not have to live in absolute secrecy and fear.

I do agree with that article to a large extent, but it’s funny how many of us that would oppose the removal of all self-administered herbal remedies and nutritional supplements from the shelves, making them all only accessible from a licensed doctor, and all over-the-counter remedies like aspirin and medicinal weed, have the strange view that only the most hardcore should be able to practice magick. :thinking:

A case of “do as I say, not as I do”! :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, good article nonetheless. :+1:


Oh goodness! I was rolling with laughter reading this post.Well observed.It was an annoying phase.

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