Santisima Muerte

@Alegroangel, were you working from Liber Falxifer? If so, do you think rituals in this grimoire for San La Muerte would be able to be modified for use with La Santisima? As @UnseelieDiabolus commented, La Santisima IS death. I could be wrong as I have not worked with him but Qayin feels more like a demon or god than the actual personification of death. Is this what you’ve found?

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I have worked with Falxifer, but I have felt more comfortable with a local author who founded “unified doctrine of Señor la Muerte.” There are certain things that can be adapted, but they are insignificant like prayers, etc. They are not the same entity, imagine that to venerate Qayin is to venerate the first murderer in history. There is no Christian or holy aspect in it. But i would not consider him a demon. It is an egregor that has existed since always and is effective in most of your work. Especially if you are interested in necromancy.


Ah, exactly! Thank you, this makes complete sense. Yes, that is the feel I get of Senor La Muerte - his worship is very much like venerating the first murderer in history - glad you said it, didn’t want to offend but this makes total sense re the egregore. Good to know that he works. I didn’t doubt it but now things make more sense.

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So is she considered a demon ?

Not a demon.

She is an essence of Death itself.

Agios es Santisima Muerte. Admiribilis!

I’m a devotee. She is the personification of Death itself.

You need to know how to create the amparo, an ex voto, and what to put on her altar.

There are a couple of excellent grimoires you can learn spells and novenas from as well as other things.

Greetings, I’ve read that Senor La Muerte is a very strict entity and followers should do offerings and stuff each week. Is that so? And as Nikki said the mexican Santisima Muerte may require regular attention too. Deals are not a question. I’m a little poor and sometimes too busy at work, can I contact them non-regularly?

Should be fine imo

Just don’t forget to show some appreciation when you can.

If not, I’m sure they’ll let you know.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.