Sante Muerte

I had a divination reading recently about my situation and a curse I was in the middle of laying, and was told Sante Muerte is calling to me. Since then this spirit’s name has popped into my mind from time to time. So I’m wondering where to start? I’ve searched and only found one thread with some helpful info, only to find the recommended book titles aren’t actually available for purchase in my region. :frowning:

Are there any other good resources for someone just starting out with Sante Muerte?


Have you tried to search “Santa Muerte” maybe because of the mistype you just ended with less results. Maybe not.


@Arcane has a very detailed entry about Santa Muerte.

There is also a book named that he La Santa Muerte:Unearthing the Magic and Mysticism of Death by Tomas Power

Also @SabahSnoblod gave a good video link in one of his entry

For more you may check the below link

If you’ve checked all and read; and still looking for more, there are many books on Scribd too, that may be very useful.

I hope these links will help you .

In case you have a more specific questions please ask.:slight_smile:


Líber falxifer

@Alegroangel Hardly available where I live and the odd copy that is, is out of my budget. But thanks for the recommendation.

@ZAMRAN Thanks. I need to petition for protection against spiritual/psychic harm from my enemies. I found this prayer, and I thought if I set up an altar for her with a black 30 hour candle, a glass of rum and maybe some candy, a glass of water, along with an image of her, perhaps this would work? What do you think?

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Sure it will.
Santa Muerte is very powerful and caring. In that way, having a special altar for her - with candles, flowers etc. basically showing her your respect and via that way channeling her into your life- will also help your protection and deepen your relationship with Santa Muerte in a very positive way.

Having said that, as for protection I may recommend, Damon Brand’s book:
Magickal Protection
and even not mainly focused on protection Gordon Winterfield’s Angels of Wrath provides also special protetction rituals.

And one last thing, you may also chant Enochian keys 1 and 2 ( chant them together, one after the other) for protection. You may find correct pronunciation over the internet easily.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Yeah, I set up the altar and offerings, and communed with her. Petitioned her for protection and for justice. It worked out well.

I already have these books, I have pretty much all of the GoM books. :slight_smile: They weren’t enough against a crazy, demented, delusional coven who are arrogant and stubborn enough to believe they can destroy me without any consequence. :slight_smile: Needed to go in for heavier guns. Don’t get me wrong, these angels and spirits are very powerful, but the rituals are best used in general life, or against enemies who know when to quit.

I’ll look up the Enochian Keys, but as I have powerful protection, I’m not sure I’ll need them. But it’s good to know what they are and how to use them for future reference.


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I also work with Astarte who told me I should petition Santa Muerte’s red robe too, to help remove obstacles that stand between me and what I want.

The thing is, since I’ve now started building a relationship with Santa Muerte’s black robe for protection and justice. So I make a weekly offering to Santa Muerte. I’m not sure what to do. Do I use an image of her multi coloured robe?

Or make this week’s offering to her red robe, then back to making the offering to her black robe next week? As the protection is needed for far longer.

How do you work with different robes?

i want to break up someone and ive heard a lot of santa muerte and hoodoo spells that work can i use a white candle for it

If you’re working with the red robe, you need a red candle.

ive seen a hoodoo spell it necessarily use white candle etc. can we talk it in pm

Santa Muerte isn’t anything to do with Hoodoo. Different traditions. Also Santa Muerte chooses who she works with. Has she called you?

she show her prescence to me

ive saw it on princex post about having a ritual to santa muerte

How did you know it was her?

I advise you verify via an experienced reader like Orlee Stewart. She works with Santa Muerte and will be able to verify for you.

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if you can ask then i need to break someones relationship