Santa muerte

is santa muerte safe to summon or have a rituak even tho i have suicidala acts in the past

I’m probably on the cusp of suicide 24/7 and have attempted it many times in the past. I’ve never had any problems with Santa Muerte.

even you work to other entities

Yes, if she called you, she is safe to work with and you can work with other entities too. I’ve posted about her elsewhere in the forums. Do a search.

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ok mate did you talk to her or work with her

i need to breakup someone

Yes, I have. As @InfernalUnicorn said, a search will tell you a lot about her.

Red Santa Muerte seems to be best suited for this.

all beings die eventually, but maybe go into it when you’re not suicidal to avoid setting a bad precedent.

The Red Santa Muerte is responsible for deaths of passion, suicide depending on the reasons and techniques can count, so if you’re worried about that I recommend either having someone behind you to help you out and/or preparing a “cool” offering like a glass of ice water.

but ive stop it and can i use white candle for it

Honestly if you’re going that route imo the best thing to petition the White Santa Muerte with the white candle to watch over your evocation of the Red Santa Muerte. Think of it like one part of her helping to guide your communication with another part of her.

can we chat mate so that it would be clear