Santa muerte white robe

can santa muerte white robe do anything baneful etc


You need the black robe.

Technically yes. Regardless of color, Santa Meurta is a death Saint; she doesn’t manifest she brings death (death of anything to be exact). If you only have the white robe then you may still petition for baneful workings. Saints are not as concerned with the earthly things we are, such as colors.

Will having the proper corresponding colors increase the magical workings? Yes. Will not having the correct color correspondences cause your work to fail? Absolutely not.

Use what you have and make a heartfelt petition. When you get some extra funds then you can get the exact colors, if you don’t have them yet.

But typically with Santa Meurta:

Black is for any kind of death (baneful workings)

White is for the death of illness (anything or undesirable but not necessarily baneful)

Red is for more passionate death workings (ie. killing a relationship or someones love)

Make sure to familiarize yourself with her before you petition to her. She is not a fan of a complete stranger coming along and asking her for stuff. She likes flowers, honey, fruit, water, etc. She also likes to called “the pretty one”.

Also, I like to use her sigil when I do my workings with her. It will show your her your dedication. I learned to draw it from memory, she appreciated that.

Her energy is heavy and warm and very overtaking. Be careful to direct her energy accurately and do a good cleansing after you bid her farewell.

Good luck

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Imagine that white is representting the infamous bright tunnel of light when someone dies, if its such a problem :smiling_imp:

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yah thanks for the advice its a great help to know about it

its hard to find a red candle here

I could have sworn I read somewhere that you can actually use crayons in place of candles. Worth a shot I guess…

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can we talk in pm

That is very true but they burn awful. The emit a lot of smoke and they kind of stink when burned. But…they do indeed burn. If you’re going to use a crayon I would recommend that you either burn it outside or burn it next to a window. Good luck.

Huh… interesting. I thought you ONLY needed black robe to do Baneful magic. Thanks for sharing!:+1: