Santa Muerte Devotee

1.What is a tributa?

2.Is it necessary to do a tributa?what if I don’t have access to cemetery?

They say I don’t have to put same statue on her altar but I only have the 7 color and and her image of black and white on same altar

Since someone told me it doesn’t matter what color statue you have use a specific color candle related to work with but since it’s really hard to get candles on my area I made my own or I use white it’s about intention right?

4.I want to start working on red one any guidance how to?

5.Her rosary should be monthly for a specific robe?

6.Someone told me you have to complete working with the three robes begins with white,black,red but I started on black then white in dire need of protection anyway

This is what I do in my practice

I cleanse my self every time I invoke her sage the area and spray some holy water & Florida also myself wiping it down then

1 Our Father
3 Hail Mary
1 Glory be

begin AA Michael prayers
Ask Gods permission then ask her presence

And blow cigar to her statue…

Offer her water with my 3 breaths
then incense and candle then start my Novena…
And do meditation and talk to her…
Finish it with 3 Our Father…

Every 2 week Cleanse her altar with Florida and holy water her statue with holy Water,Florida,Rose water and pinch rose rose oil…

Change her water weekly or once have dirt
Put things on her altar every now & then

Every morning give her incese & prayer
& in afternoon incese candle at time since she had her battery operated lamp…

When I don’t have something to give physically I do meditation on her altar and give energy to the altar and statue some devotee they put her under moonlight & sunlight I don’t do that anyway…

Do you always give her food everyday?like a normal human being?or only when doing novena?

Since in my practice when I lit a 7 day candle for specific spell I pray to her for nine days within that nine days I give her foods from morning to evening until 9 days novena is done…

Please let me know if there’s something wrong in my practice thanks :pray:

Honestly, working with any entity shouldn’t be a full time job.

Start small and work your way up to what you feel is best for your relationship with her, not someone else’s.


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