Santa muerte and the Cartels

Some time ago i spoke to Santa muerte, I asked her if she helped the cartels to which she responded in a very sad "I’m sorry " type of way, that she did.

I’m sorry, but I don’t like spirits who help evil.

Lucifer, Michael and lilith on the other hand, are very justice leaning from my talks with them

Lilith was shocked when I considered exploring my evil side, Michael got angry, and Lucifer was disappointed.

Now my shadow self didn’t care much for the reactions of my spirit guides, but hey.

I hope to work in law enforcement eventually, I just hope my disability won’t stop me from becoming police or secret service, I’d like to help people, despite what my shadow self has in mind lol


Evil isn’t who you are, it’s what you choose.


Yes true as well, but the choices make you part of who you are, and I think crimes against family and children, like the cartels do, is evil, I mean in the sense that there’s sadistic motives or greed behind it

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We all have an “evil” side and in my recent experiences, I can tell you that it’s important to get to know this side of you. Now it doesn’t mean you should go out and do these things but rather acknowledge that you just as anyone else has these capabilities. I’ve seen some parts of my shadow that are “evil” and I’m still exploring. Like @Mulberry said evil is what you choose and by exploring your evil side and seeing were those thoughts and feelings come from well you’re less likely to choose the “evil” decisions because you understand them better

I won’t comment on her helping the Cartels. It’s not my place and I know too little on it.


Bro you blocked me on everything lmao

You can explore your shadow, it’s your choice how far you’ll go with the evil



I had a thought what if the reason spirits help people with “evil” deeds is because in their reality they’re doing something “good”. The quote nothing is true everything is permitted comes to mind


If a spirit helps a pedo rape kids, even if it may seem justified to them, I highly doubt they think they’re doing good, certain things are just evil in my view


You can use a spiritual force for basically whatever the fuck you want. Period. Whether you should is up to you. Actions always have consequences, and they also tend to have unintended consequences too. As for Santa Muerte… I can’t think of many spirits that haven’t been used for dubious things. People still commit atrocities in the name of Lucifer, or the Chained God of Saturn, the JCI pantheon tends to have it’s whole damn mess in a particular fashion…
Anyways, Muerte is bound into latino bloodlines. When a latino dies, Muerte is there. It doesn’t matter how the death happens, or why it happens, she’s their Death-Saint who’s locked into that current. Any organization who wields the power of death, especially a latino one, is paying homage in a way to Muerte. You may not like the reasons they use her, she may not like the reasons they use her, but as a Saint she has a duty to fulfil a role. Her role is death.


tbh i kinda wish i was good enough to get hired to do magick for the cartels lol, that would be one heck of a story to write about someday probably

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Gangs usually do their magic “in house”, partially because there are other people who go to war with mages like that, and fight not for pay but for justice. Easier to keep mages loyal when theyre not just simply mercenaries i guess. Don’t seek that path for a few laughs and some stories m8


I would say the JCI is mostly thoughtforms who condone evil actions

Yahweh used to be strict, but I think he’s pretty calm now.

As for lucifer, I don’t think he’d agree if you take actions with him to sadistically torture someone who doesn’t deserve it. If there are people who do use him like that, they’re probably dealing with a thoughtform or parasite


Heh, don’t underestimate the power of thoughtforms charged with actual hell then.


The cartels will eat you alive bro, you need a lot of protection and power to join them.

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Sure, I agree, but thankfully thoughtforms are nowhere as powerful as actual entities

Well, there are actual entities that ride various currents such as the JCI pantheon, albeit with different aliases. There are real evil things, and then there’s the black magician “evil” which isn’t evil but is this gothic…freedom fetish or something…
And then there’s people that do evil things using real evil creatures, and people doing evil things using not-evil creatures such as Santa Muerte

Seriously I don’t think Santa Muerte is someone you need to be concerned about. When you’re famous people do weird shit in your name.


well im not concerned about Santa Muerte, im stronger than her anyway.

just saying that I dont like spirits who help cartels, since they kidnap, rape and kill a lot of people

Take it up with Lucifer and Lilith too then, there are plenty of reasons to be upset with them over the same principle.

well, they didnt react the same way, they actually fight for justice ime, so theyre not the same, Lilith is a sweetheart ime :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

if i ever come across them doing something i find evil then sure

“Evil” is a choice we can make, and it’s not a very productive one. I would be shocked, angry, and disappointed too if someone I knew seriously stated that they were looking to embrace true evil. Explore I actually understand. It’s good to know about things, and how they work.

Do you believe their reactions convey the entirety of their thoughts on the matter though?

You don’t think they have any other thoughts
on the matter of their names being used for “evil” than sweetheart energy and justicefighting intention being conveyed?

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