Santa Muerte And Demons

Her name really sounds welcoming, and I can’t explain the feeling that I have but I think she can help with the tasks that I have at hand but I hardly know anything about this deity. I would like to get to know her from your experiences with her and not just wikipedia or articles.

First thing that I would like to know, will there be any conflict between Santa Muerte and Demons?

I would like to work with both.

What I’ve learnt about Santa Muerte is she is a personification of death, she is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees. I’ve also been told that all I need is a picture of her or just simply calling out to her, I’ve read that there’s a prayer to her but I’m really not fond of praying. I know all to well that It won’t be answered.

Three colors represent the full spectrum of Santa Muerte’s power

  1. The black robe on Santa Muerte represents protection from enemies, revenge, justice, and other darker attributes.

  2. The red robe represents passion, love, energy.

3 . The white robe represents purity, health, cleansing, blessings, and light.

From what I’ve seen in google searches her robe has multiple Colours, orange, purple, blue.

I’m guessing I could always choose all three or more to suite my needs. Before I begin to try and build a relationship with her I think it is best that I know a little more about her.


You can do as you please. You are the Almighty.

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Prayer in a way is a form of magic. You send your intent out, you communicate to beings, even if you dont hear them right away. Santa Muerte is nicknamed “a saint for the sinner” meaning she can really help you with whatever you need, whether its something sweet like healing or something deadly like cursing.


“Santa Muerte” from my experience, I can tell that she delivers fast and is very compassionate. Talk your heart our to her and speak to her. You will feel a sense of calmness and protection when she is around. Reach out to her with your intent and be faithful and loyal to her.

From what I read on BALG, she doesn’t mind if you are also working with other spiritis/entities. As long as you don’t share her space with any other spirit, she is fine. Make sure you always give her offerings as simple as a glass of water and your time.


Santa Muerte is totally compatible with any luciferian or satanic tradition but should have her own Altar. Santa Muerte belongs to LHP current and is as old as the Orders of Baphomet. It seems the first recordings about the Santa Muerte cult is dated around 1000. And is also compatible with LHP voodoo Baron Samedi, Papa Kalfu and Papa Legba


Ah yes the best grimoires to understand this symbiosis are from Asha Shedim! :wink:

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Ask her and see it’s always good to never assume or go off 2nd hand information unless it’s by experience or the likes. She may be okay with them, she may not be.

In your path she may not want them present while in another she would be okay with it.

Speak with her.


Thank you guys for the information, love ya.

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