Santa Meurte

I made a pact with Santa Meurte a few years ago for spiritual protection and it has been a powerful journey. I have to save a person from death every few months as payment. Its really scary the situations I find myself in but it’s been worth it. Has anyone else worked with Santa Meurte?
Honestly as a disclaimer Santa Meurte requires extreme commitment and I don’t recommend her for just anyone but I owe her my gratitude.

Here is a couple fun videos

She understands english Im guessing ?


I’ve worked with Santa Muerte,and undergone a working directly with her three robes.

Not sure how much I can share,but I can tell you that when I worked closely with someone here,they decided to repay me by giving me a copy of Tomas Power’s book on Santa Muerte.I was fascinated by the lady of death,and I closely studied the workings of her group and her magic.

I called on her several times,and much like you,I made a small pact with her.Will not say more.

When I was possessed by La Nina Blanca,I had a greater appreciation of life,but I also was able to perceive my family members.My family doesn’t haver a lot of interesting things,but I do have lots of interesting past lives.A relative of a Past Me,who is now a child saint,contacted me,and began working more closely with me.I might be posting on her soon,but suffice to say,she was extremely beneficial for me,and it helped tie into other workings I was doing,to bring me closer to that aspect of her.I was serene,happy,and also familiarized with her healing aspect,and how she may save someone if she so willed,and protect.

While I was possessed by La Nina Roga,I saw the passionate,and powerful side of her personality.I was capable of using highly destructive magics,placing a curse that literally took effect the next day,and had to be removed because it could have killed the person(it was a bully threatening a friend of a friend).My vampiric workings were also on fire,as I was capable of feeding much.But there was also a state of wild emotional highs and lows,a huge love for everyone I cherish,and a powerful confidence knowing that I could do anything.

While I was possessed by La Nina Nigra,I was familiarized with occult death and real death directly.I received a greater understanding of death,something I talked about earlier on the BALG Skype group.Additionally,I felt highly apathetic,and embodied the truest aspect of Santa Muerte,as quite literally the patron saint of sinners,she who does not care what is done,and works almost magically.She carries the scale that judges,but she does not judge.In this,I experienced such apathy,that nothing mattered to me at that point,and I was devoid of almost all human emotions.

I will probably be posting about my workings with Santa Muerte later on the forum,but this is a basic rundown of what happened when I was possessed by the three robes.


[quote=“bingohandjob, post:3, topic:7250”]She understands english Im guessing ?

J[/quote] yep