Sanguine Vampires

I didn’t see a lot of posting on this subject so I wondered what you guys think of blood sucking vamps not the hollywood kind (fangs mostly come to mind).

Because personally I was told before by Az-Jahi that sanguine Vampirims runs in my DNA. You guys have anything to add on the subject?

And it’s weird because I have a set of moles on my neck that actually somewhat look like a vampire bite.


I don’t really understand why people will drink blood as a life source, because unless you’re drinking directly from the source, the blood is dead weight. Many of the IRL vampires I’ve read about do the blood-sucking as a ritual/kink thing, which I’m cool with (honestly if I could bring something like juice in my room I wouldn’t mind putting a drop or more of blood in the drink before indulging in it for ritual purposes). Apart from that and criminals who somehow convinced themselves they were vampires but actually didn’t do any real vampire stuff, I don’t have much of an opinion and personally I wouldn’t partake in a sanguine vampire lifestyle.