Sanguine Vampires? (Spirit not Physical)

Okay so I know you can only be a energy vampire (by soul type or energy body “issues”) but then I hear about sanguines?

I’m assuming this is a type of spirit? Since it’s not physically possible…from what I know. So how does that work? Blood is a physical thing (besides the energy it gives)…I don’t understand how sanguine is a thing…unless their realm/world/etc works different then ours? Even so it would be spiritual and not Physical?

If this IS a thing…if someone has the soul of a sanguine TYPE vampire…are they still an energy vampire or no? I’m confused. I apologise.

I mean I’ve heard of vampiric spirits in reference to blood…but I don’t assume they litterly drink it…more like figuratively? Like drinking the ESSENCE/energy of the blood rather then Physical blood? I assume that would taste nasty to.

Sanguine vampires are humans that physically drink blood. Typically from ‘swans’ or donors that consent to the practice.

It’s got nothing to do with soul types. All humans can cultivate energy. One source of energy is other humans. Vampires are people with damaged energy systems that have a hard time cultivating energy - this makes them sick, and they do better if they learn how to take already-processed energy from other humans. In extreme cases it keeps them alive.
Read Michelle Belanger for more info.

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OK, I had no idea this was a thing. I chose the user name “Sanguine,” because I have depression & anxiety. I was just being ironic. I mean no offense to those who do drink blood. It’s just not my thing. Oops.