Sanguine mind trickery?


I was sitting back the other day speaking to a sanguine friend of mine and we were discussing how we obtain lifeblood with the least effort. He told me he had learned to pull the blood and lifeblood closer to the skin so when he took in the blood it would allow him to draw in more lifeblood than it originally had in it, sort of pulling more lifeblood into the physical blood. When I asked him to show me this he pulled blood up to my skin actually causing what appeared to be a very bad bruise and then he simply willed it to go back in its proper cycle… Does this sound like glamor or is this possible?


No comments?


That’s pretty intense.
I usually drink about one cubic cm before high rituals. Evocations and deep scrying and such. I have noticed that blood itself can hold an enormous amount of energy - even if you charge it after it’s left the body. I’m not sure if he’s actually pulling life energy into it at this point, or not.
As far as a glamour, are you talking about a beautifying practice? Or is this an occult reference I’m not familiar with?


Glamor is making something appear to be real that isn’t or it can be real but you alter the way others see it… Blood is definitely one of those things that can supercharge pretty much any magical working… If only there were more sanguine vampires around here


ahhh, ok. very interesting. Did you ask him? Cuz that’s a pretty amazing feat to pull off if it’s not.


[quote=“Sukujin”]DK, do you drink your own blood before rituals, or do you have a doner? Is there any value in drinking ones own blood? I would think that would have little to no affect as the energy put out in the blood would be the same as the energy put in by consuming it, unless it is charged?


It actually carries quite a charge. Like - whole energy body buzzing like no other. I think it’s that you’re taking the energy from it’s normal conduit (high voltage) and introducing it into an foreign system which gets super charged. It would be like, say - acid from your stomach is still a part of you, but if you dripped it anywhere else, it would eat a hole through you. I think it’s something a kin to that, except instead of burning acid holes, your supercharging energy systems. :slight_smile: heh


[quote=“Sukujin”]DK, thanks, that makes total sense man.

What is the best/easiest way to extract the blood? Im not into the idea of cutting myself and shit, I aint emo enough. What are some good ‘medical’ methods that are easy for a medical noob to try and what supplies would I need?

You asked the right person. I actually went for Med Lab Tech degree in my earlier years. One of the semesters we had an entire class on phlebotomy and all received certification. So you’re in good hands man :slight_smile:

I use hypodermic needles.
The best method is to first get all that you need for the procedure.

  1. tourniquet (this can be anything from a profession tourniquet to a belt or long sleeve on a shirt. as long as it’s clean, you’re good to go)
  2. insulin syringes (the most effective size to ask for that I’ve found are the 29 gauge, 1cc, 5/8 to 1 inch needle)
  3. alcohol and cotton balls

Wash your hands well first all the way up to mid-bicep. You’ll want to lightly tie the tourniquet around your upper arm. You don’t actually need it to be really tight like what movies usually show. Pump your fist until your veins start to show.
Now, it’s critical that you pick a spot and TEST it first. Many junkies don’t follow this step, and so they collapse their veins and ruin their shit.

You want to run your finger down the vein from up to down, pushing lightly. You’ll notice that the vein will flatten to a certain point, then it will appear to stop going flat. So it will appear to be completely full, hit a wall, and be completely flat after that. This point where it changes is the actual location of a valve. You want to stay as far away from valves as possible. So pick a spot between two valves. Valves are fairly rare, and only occur about every 5 inches for the surface veins, so you should have sufficient room to work with.
Pick a spot based on your search for valves, heh, and use the alcohol swab to cleanse the very spot. Move the swab from the center, in a circular fashion outward. This will make sure the very center is sterile.
Now take your hypodermic needle and look for the bevel in the actual needle. You want the bevel to be pointing up as you insert it. Also, make sure you insert the needle at about a 45 degree angle. You’ll feel a little pinch, but it ain’t bad.
Slowly drive the needle in toward the vein. Now be careful because depending on which vein you choose, it may roll out from under the needle. So if you know your vein’s going to roll, it’s best to have another person anchor the vein by pushing down on it just a few inches from the insertion point.
Once the needle actually enters the vein, you will feel a literal release of pressure. This should feel similar to pushing the needle through a thick balloon stretched over the top of a glass. It will be an almost “pop” type of sensation.
Once you’re in, you want to slowly pull the plunger back.
This can take a little practice and time to get down, but as long as you practice it properly, you wont be in any danger of fucking your veins up.
If the needle doesn’t fill with blood when you pull back, you’ve missed and need to try again. However, if you think you may have gone through the vein, just pull the needle out slightly and try again. If you did go through, you’ll now be properly anchored and be able to draw blood.
That’s about it. There are actually some really good videos on youtube for this. Gimme a sec, I’ll see if I can find one. Ah, here are two from my favorite’s list :stuck_out_tongue: heh

Harm Reduction-p1.mp4

Harm Reduction-p2.mp4


I prefer the razor method to needles


Uh - not sure, I’ve always just used it right away. I would assume it doesn’t lose potency. I’ve heard tell of people using blood as a means of producing the philosopher’s stone. If it’s true - then it doesn’t even lose it’s potency after a long and arduous alchemical process. But I don’t know. Might be a good idea to find out, you never know when that knowledge will come in handy :wink: heh


If the blood is purely for psychodrama then you can store it but if you are going to use it as a manifestation base or for vampirism it needs to be fresh. If you were evoking some of the colder entities though the blood being chilled will actually aid you, well it helps me at least… You will just have to experiment and see what works best for you