Sanatas King of the Black Lodge

I need more info, incantations and meditations for working together with Sanatas, the King of the Black Lodge.

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check vk jehnnaum


I shall take a look, ty :wink:

:honeybee: The big bee came yesterday. Great energy work thanks Sepheranz Arachne :heart_eyes:

75, 96, 47, 36, 97, 65, 198, 347, 978
Hail Sanatas!

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Ssoooo @Rav what happened? Dead or homicidal yet?

Why so​:joy::joy:

Vk said Sanatas evocation have caused death and insanity to everyone before him.

That’s VK… But he probably has a point

I dont trust his gnosis always his works and gnosis do help me a lot. He and I during our own separate rituals confirmed Surtr to be Sarte the emination of the black sun and Saturn.

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Intersting… But Ran has been gone for a while now… So probably yea

R.I.P poor chap

He last posted 4 days ago but logged on 5 hours ago. He’s alive.

Good then. I’m interested in this.

Well the channeling was made near a target :joy: that person was hospitalised

What can you tell me about Sanatas? The last time I tried to do something without a clear goal I was on the floor on the verge of dying.

A few sources have claimed the Sanatas Vk talked with is the 9the Gatekeeper Satan in the Koetting literature. I can’t seem to find info about Sanatas and Satan much. Mostly its lucifer. Is there an entity called Satan and can I summon him?

He is one of the more powerful spirits his presence the first time he showed up was well only experience could describe it has not a fan of being summoned most people nowadays do servive summoning him

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Yes there is Satan just call to him not the same as satanas it seems satanas is above satan

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I’m interested in Sanatas but Satan is calling to me. Maybe will call on Sanatas later.

Or maybe not