The first and last sound that you hear.
My cloak turning, meanwhile thrown spear.
Blood starts to drip, your heart stops cold.
Subzero antarctic floor stones.
Assailed in the dark without speech.
Charged and assaulted frigid steel.
No hollow point rounds, my knife real.
My consideration let go.
You may never know how i feel.
Glacier depths unable to sin.
A forbidden fault from the start.
No message to listen to now.
The line has been crossed not just once.
An enemy behind the lie.
Predating my position ; time.
Never my genes born of cedar.
Invisible digits unseen.
Disguised and shrouded in shade sleeves.
A shadow of no one’s absence
Place and person non-existing.
Lack of a suitable kind ; need.
Only counting in my mind ; heal.
Triumphant state of bludgeoning.
Zero chance of your survival.
Not a word spoke my mind running.
Summoning my will requires peace.
Then invaded ; rage thrown up-stream.
Cascading gains, sacrifices seen.
Raiding and plaguing your own life.
Caught unprepared and now you die.
Lessons never taught wisdom fled.
One strike to heart, Lazarus drops.