Samhain Rituals

So does anyone know any Rituals or other types of Magick one can perform on Samhain. I am curious about it and was wanting to know seeing as its coming up.(don’t know if this is the right place to put this question)

Honestly, this could be a really useful time for most magical rituals. I’ll be doing a few and one of the most important for me is a ritual of Thanks to those entities I work with (and my ancestors) for this past year and ask them to continue into through the next.

Since I live near Pearl Harbor, I’ll also call to any spirits still here that want to move on and evoke Hecate to help them do so.

I would look for the type of ritual you want to perform and then search for specific examples of it. In my examples, I mentioned Ancestor Worship/Offerings, offerings to Deities, and evocation. It doesn’t have to be big or grand. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Most of mine aren’t (because they don’t need to be).

You could see what other Pagans and Heathens are doing and see if one of their rituals appeals to you. Some people simply bake something as an offering and call it good. Others go full-on ritual. Some simply dump a beer into the soil in honor of the Gods.

Find something that resonates with you. There’s plenty of time to find the right ritual or adapt one so you can do it comfortably.