Samhain - bad luck

Today I lost my money, I also had a light blow up in a lamp, I haven’t felt like I could eat at all, can’t sleep, plus I dropped my phone in the bath.

Internet access playing up, mental and emotional outbursts etc, all since the day of Samhain, strange never have I ever had a bad Samhain let me know what’s up.


I’m with you with the mentally and emotionally feeling unbalanced :frowning:'
sorry to hear about your money

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Your not the only one, had to deal with my apt office over a billing issue that ciuld have lost me my place earlier today. Some weird shit is goin down. I wont let it get in my way though.


Hang In there @C.Kendall and @Dinmiatus

For now my issue is resolved. It still a weird start for the month though. :thinking:


Spirits & Chaos runs wild this time of year, they feed of electrical energy. Chaos currents easily affect the aura of a person. So i would suggest doing some cleansing with sage, a banishing of sorts and some full on grounding.


I was very tired this morning, but bounced back when I did my two rituals and yoga. I guess I needed a re-charge

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Things don’t seem to be working out for me either… could it because of the eclipse?

Weird, I would suggest doing a purge of red light, then blue, then white, to lift the energy before banishing it - also, take care to ground yourself, and I know you’ve been burning the candle at both ends recently, being ungrounded for too long can play havoc with luck and probability.

I’ve not had any problems today and had a small bit of good luck this morning, I’m working on creating a new altar today and also mundane stuff that needs doing.