Same cards, different readings

Sometimes I ask the same questions at at various times. Say a couple of times a month.

I shuffle my cards until they jump out. Usually I ask root, issue, outcome.

Twice now I have had the two same cards jump out together for the root question, two of wands and four of wands.

I have done other readings in between these times this has happened. I keep a journal because im still learning. While the question is in reference to someone else…

Something seriously going on here???

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2 of wands - Phenex
Ef enay Phenex ayer

4 of Wands - Malphas
Lirach tasa Malphas ayer

Ask them what they want to tell you :wink:

I will look into it a bit more and ask. Do I evoke them one at a time and ask separately? Thanks. Seemed so odd i got those two like that again in the root part. And I sometime shuffle for a bit before I get cards to jump out. It was so weird.

I read when the two cards come out together it means the person wants something but is being stubborn.

The entire reading went like this if it makes any difference. C=Clarifyer

2 of Wands 4 of Wands

The Moon and The World © and The Lovers ©

Outcome (All three jumped out together)
Six of Cups
Two of Pentacles
Eight of Cups

When I asked what to expect in 10 days I got the Page Of Wands

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If it’s a future reading you’re going to get multiple readings.

Basically how I ask my Tarot sometimes is, and this is just an example not the actual question. Answers are in this fashion so to speak.

What is going on with MMM??
Root- Wants to move.

Current Issue- Can’t find a job and lack of funds.

Outcome- Job transfer in near future.

6 of Cups - Aym
2 of Pantacles - Berith
8 of Cups - Furfur

The Page of Rods is an active but with passive tendency fire card. Has to do with messages and communication.

When I looked up the meanings I took it as Memories, Balance and Facing Truth. I guess that would mean coming to terms?

I did see the Page as a communication and message card and am a bit skeptical about that as I really don’t want to hear from or speak to the person at this point.

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I am not sure if I understood the question correxctly.

You ask the same questions on different readings but you get the same cards on the same question?
Why do you think you should get different cards? If the same ones jump put all the time, they probably have an important meaning in your case.

Yes I asked the same question on two different days. With readings in between of different questions/matters. I shuffle until my cards jump from the deck and I regard those as the answers. I just found it odd that the two cards jumped out in one reading, and then after other readings (and lots of shuffling and mixing of the cards) on a different day, the two very same cards jumped out together again in the Root spot for the second time. Yes same question.

I guess it just baffles me a bit because i’ve never had that happen before as sometimes I ask the same questions and get drastically different answers or the cards fall into different areas (root, issue, outcome)