Same As Us

I always wonders that do demons have their own feelings like us do they have families do they have goals and Desires
What’s their daily routine
And Yeah is there only one God?


As for God you have to make up your own mind on that. Personally I don’t think so at least not in the way people describe it. A overriding universal law to keep things in order? Perhaps but not a one diety to rule them all type of thing

Yes demons and non human entities in general can and often do have feelings vunerablities and families They can be positive or negative in relation to you

I personally don’t believe in a black or white moral absolute type of universe but in one that’s immensely populated with all kinds of worlds dimensions and sentient beings other than our own


So,you mean to say that there 's no One Chief Commander of us we’re independent

Yes that is my personal belief But like I said you have to make up your own mind

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It all comes down to personal belief at the end of the day. But I do agree with SpaceStranger nothing is really black and white. The real question is what do you believe?, or what you want to learn and find out for yourself? and just go from there really :blush:


I don’t believe there is one God. Maybe there is, but if so he is a very inactive player.

We create our own consequences out of our energy and beliefs. In the afterlife, or spirit realms, we can go and learn and transform into just about anything. Everything seems so freeform. If a God has established the laws of the universe somehow then we have no way of knowing what the laws aren’t since we can only experience what they are.

Demons or spirit beings do have spirit-families they may or may not be close to, it is possible to birth on the astral, just as it’s possible to transform. They do have goals and desires.

As for daily routine I’d say they’d be different among the spirit types. Apparently there is a school out there for incubi/succubi that lasts for 400 years, haha. That’s what I read on someone’s blog as something they intuited from their succubus.

Personal Opinion:

Not one god as it is typically known. Not a conscious entity, but a single pulsing force that connects all things.

As above, so below. The demons and the humans are the same. Conscious entities with threads of that Singular Force connecting us all in a collective consciousness. The thing that separates the black magician from this is goal of disconnecting from that force as a self sustaining spirit. But even then we are connected to it, but no longer held to its laws.

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There are many gods, but one Grand God. The word God is a title. Some say the Grand God is Energy.
But what’s his name? Mystery. How he exist…Who knows? But one thing I sure know is that people are against him a lot. Especially the Satanists.

One thing i found out is that I’ve the IHVH written on a gold plate. No Spirits so-ever, I mean none that I’ve come across met the gaze of that golden plate could withstand it. They bow instantly, and hide their face. Great grand Demons, angels of high hierarchies, even the Djinns, Elementals, they all bow to the ground and cover their face to converse with me whenever I bring out that golden plate with the Hebrew word IHVH on it.
So I’m sure there is a Grand God. But lots of mysteries still surrounds that.


God is The All.

Demons are living beings with feelings, jobs, families, stress and so forth like any other being. Humans aren’t unique only in the case that most humans energy is versatile, while demons and such energy tends to lean to an elemental spectrum. There’s many born gods throughout mythology, then there’s titled gods which are beings worshipped as gods but are not remotely part of the race of gods such as the goetia is who people worship as gods when they are not, or thoughtforms who aren’t legitimate entities but are worshipped and given power to become godforms which is just an egregore with free will but still not a soul having entity. There’s no main god or anything like that, each pantheon has their progenitor Khaos, Tiamat, Nun, etc. the primordial voids of each pantheon. Some view main god as source but that’s an energy that makes up existence in most beliefs but not a god itself unless you view creation itself as a god. I on the other hand do not and don’t find myself from the same source most call their God.

"We are the music makers…
And we are the dreamers of dreams…"


I’ll reiterate, God is The All.

What does IHVH mean

Just another transliteration of the Tetragrammaton.