Samael/Lilith sex Rite Public use

Hey there fellow magicians.

The following rite I got from a dark entity(which does not want to be named) yet.

Please be respectful.

1.This rite is for two parties… In sexual communion.

2.Tear two pages from Song of Solomon in the bible and inscribe on the male page, Samael sigil, and on female page Lilith sigil.

3.Also stencil same sigil, in opposites on your bare chests, thus Samael on female and lilith on male.

4.Make a big enough circle with black salt for two to have sex within.

5.Have sex in the circle with the pages of above mentioned Bible verses, climax into a cup.
Both male and female (if possible)

6.Drink from the cup, both parties whilst making intent known.

7.Follow up with daily sex routines for 9x dayswhile focusing on intent. Also always consume sex juices. Whilst doing above.

This rite is for amplification of all spells and workings.
Very powerful if performed and followed through.

Be careful what you wish for whilst doing above.


Speaking of stencils and symbol or just painting? Has anyone utilized blood or fluids or just edible paint? LIke cake paint.

And… I just realized the UV paint which is damn awesome for various ritual usage as I do use UV lights at times. Example paint:
UV paint


Can be done with whatever fluid… Blood, or charcoal is the best.

Sounds interesting