Samael and Lilith

Hello there,

Last night I woke up in a dark place with a few people, I didn’t know them. We were all confused to be there together and we started to walk in the darkness. An entity appeared in front of us, it has the form of Baphomet and introduced itself. It said he was Samael and we were here to pass a test. If we succeed the test, we could meet Lilith. We all agreed. He told us to continue to walk in the darkness. As we passed him, I looked behind him and I saw Lilith. She had long black hair, a long white gown and horns on her head, she was beautiful.
All of sudden, the darkness were gone and we were in a room lightened in an orange light. The ambiant was a little bit like saw. There was a man standing in the middle of this room, he was waiting for us. I swear he looked just like E.A.Koetting (I only saw him once in a video, a long time ago, like wtf). He told us told us to go behind a door on the other side of the room. He told us that behind this door there was a creature and we had to pass it to succeed the test. Some went first, the creature was like a giant tentacle which suck people face until there was nothing left. I heared them screem in terror. I turn to the man and told him I didn’t want to go there. He tried to motivate me and to push me to try the test, but I was so frightened I told him there was no way I go. He then looked at me, said “ok”, and I was back in my room.

please watch Secret Of The god videos about Lilith and samael and baphomet they aren’t who u think they are

I know that. The fact is that’s what I saw.