Salvia divinorum hellbound thoughts

I smoked 60x of salvia believing it can connect me to the otherside. Every time i thought of something my thoughts would automatically answer me back with a answer. Made my thoughts vulnerable like everything started to surface and every thought kept coming back to your going to hell for your wicked purpose. Like theres nothing you can do to save you from burning in the furnace. I felt like i was on a one way ticket to hell with no other choice but hell. Then i denied God and my thought answered back that there is a God and your going to hell.

But what would make the difference of ruling in hell as a king or burning in hell.
I rather rule in hell then serve in heaven.

In order to understand these beliefs and spirits you need to understand it within a real context in how it relates to the physical world…which beyond the physical level is politics (large groups instead of individuals). The burning in hell and furnace can equate to Nazi politics of an angry Mob, which is not too far from the fact of what is going on nowadays due to a disgruntled economy. When people get disgruntled, they become reactive and refer to the nearest prejudices akin to their belief system as well as social influences. So you can think of angry Christians essentially going on a witch hunt (or any group type for that matter that hates another group) to burn you down with their ire.

The thing is is you have 3 different socio-religious factions: The Christian Police State and their Surveillence of an All seeing eye, the Theocratic Sharia Law, and the Apartheid practices…all of which equate to the same thing as what is considered a Nazi (fyi, a Nazi no longer a German as was once thought, but rather a way of Being). When it all comes doen to it, underlying this all are Fasciscm and Communism. However, communism is a spiritual practice of where one psychically communes with another spirit of person…which was simply turned into a political act. The reasons communism was brought about in China were to throw out intruders such as a Christians, religious and other political interests. If you look closer at china as it evolves it is changing with prosperity…one can coin as “throwing off the shacklew of communism.” underlying all of this one can simply sum it up as Feudalism whether it be communism of a tactic to flush out and outcaste undesireable elements or to upkeep ones system which has always been Fuedalism.

So then how will you burn in Hell? Well you will burn by the ire drawn from a “communal” group mind of drones (those whom are at the lowest level are under some specific programming which makes them a standing army for the elite in exchange for “the gift” whatever that is which is usually something that sustains their existence) commanded by a Nazi Intelligentsia of whatever Political Socio-Religious party it is you are up against.

Thank you for your response. It is possible hell was invented by the Nazis to form control over the population. It seems my problem is underlining subconscious belief but that cant be the case cause i abandoned all belief and religion many years ago. I dont know why it resurfaces under the influence of entheogenics and accounting for peoples near death experiences when they see their soul leave and go straight to hell darkness, wrapped up in plastic, and thrown away is some of there experiences. Which seems bizarre but there was hundreds of NDE along those lines.

I wondered before maybe creation wasn’t suppose to be evil and dark. Would darkness be purged in creation at one point in time but then I also consider duality of everything having a opposite which could be why there is evil. The most wicked people in the world must have some repercussion of karma for causing the benevolent ones suffering. In this life or the next.

Probably because you still have deprogramming to do. It is a very complex process. Anyway yrah the Nazi’s were highly christian, but no doubt im sure they had real Satanists as well.

What you are experiencing could be christian attacks. Remember it isnt enough to simply believen or disbelieve…one must Act…practicr as well.

Man, the only spirits that will tell you you are going to hell for sure is a powerful malevolent demon, not the kind of demons that most people work with here, that are Daemons, but a truly infernal lower being that wants to trick you. I won’t tell you there is a higher power, but if there is a higher power I’m sure it forgives you. :wink:

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The Lower Realms are full of alot parasites and bad entities. One must keep in mind though just because it comes from a low level doesnt mean it is bad. Life is about consumption and feeding. You can so called parasites everywhere…whether its church, rich people, allegedly “cleaned-up” white lighters, etc. Likewise…there are all types of Parasites even amongst Light Beings… But most people wouldnt expect it.

In the world of Feeding off others…The Heirarchy…the Meat Market…it is more logical to point out whether the thing feeding off you serves your agenda…likewise do you serve its agenda? In magick you will also see this…where there is an entire Psycho-Energetic Web Network of Timelines called Synchronicities feeding into Synchronicities validating something much bigger.

Now if something is feeding off you and your complaining is probably because you dont have the energy to satisfy it so what you give “hurts.” one in a roundabout way can think of this giving of energy as a form of WORK… Where sometimes people dont like the Job so WORK HURTS…but then again jobs arent necessarily always meant to be fun…it is at this point you should question if what you are into is worth your effort…are you properly aligning things for your own goals. =)


The concept of hell existed BEFORE the formation of the National Socialist Party in Germany in the early part of the last century…

If you’re going to work with these spirits and beings, a little RESEARCH first is a very good idea, call it preparatory immersion or subjective synthesis but at least know what you’re getting into.

pixie dust :slight_smile: salvia divinorum, my favorite old friend. how many times i have enjoyed the pull and lost myself to the land beyond, trying desperately to hold myself there as i slipped back here. watching the beings as they danced from my sight and i was left staring and begging them to take me with them. you can always go back, but each trip is so brief, you dont have much time to accomplish. ---- perhaps you would do better with a higher strength. try 100x this is the strength i typically used and i always had a clearer image than when i used a lower dose. and you cant just add more 60x, it doesnt work that way. also, dont know if you are doing this but, keep your eyes closed. :slight_smile: you should know the ins and outs of salvia before you use it as a type of divination tool. best of luck to you.

Some people just don’t react well to Salvia and can hallucinate, most end up seeing or hearing what they fear most. I have spoken to many people who cannot tolerate it and literally feel insane when they use it. But a general rule of thumb is, if you can get high on DXM (cough syrup, DayQuil, Mucinex) and not feel like it’s the worst buzz ever that you immediately want to end then you can generally tolerate Salvia pretty well too.

And there seems to be some truth in that. Most people I know who cannot tolerate DXM also cannot tolerate Salvia and vice versa and the people I know who get a very pleasant high from one or the other seem to react pleasantly to both substances as they are known for producing very similar highs. I have never tried Salvia but I imagine it would not be bad for me as I absolutely love a DXM high and the way it makes me feel while my friends won’t even go near that stuff ever again.