I’m Mena and fairly new to this forum. I’m shy and I like to stay in the shadows to absorb information. I had a fascination with magick and the spirit world as a child and have accidentally attracted a lot of unintentional chaos into my life. It actually gave life more dimension and meaning for me. I follow the LHP. In my humble opinion it’s the only way to survive in this world, plus I would have never discovered the beauty of working with demons/daemons.


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Lol!!! Thank you :heart::heart::heart:

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What magick do you practice and for how long? You say your “LHP” but that encompasses a lot.

I like and respect you already - except for the ‘humble’ bit!
Welcome and enjoy!

P.s. Don’t read anything by Uncle Al. He’s so full of it often I can smell it when I come across his tenuous screeds. You’d think he’d have been banned long ago. And he loves himself to death like some fucking Mr. High-&-Mighty or Mr. Low-&-Dirty figure. Anyway, I’m just saying and it remains a matter for you.

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I do and yet I don’t follow a specific form. I use whatever I am drawn to and I find effective to get the job. I do have a fondness hindu mantras that are very much geared to the left hand path/personal gain with: enhancing beauty, to gain a lover, increase in finances, and strengthening intuition. I love american hoodoo and all the dark aspects of cursing your enemies and love spells, and because of my love for american hoodoo; I started an exploration into arab and north african folk magick. I’ve been exposed to palo and found the patipembas very similiar to sigils and also that of Voudou veve. For me it’s history, it’s power, it’s the power of our ancestors. I do have a love of demons and for many years I ran away thanks to religion and hollywood movies such as the exorcist. For me, working with demons felt right after I got over my fear. After I made contact with my first demon which was pleasantly amazing; I was lead to this article :

Following LHP and practicing magick was never evil. I must thank my experience with demons for leading to that article.

Thank you :heart::heart::heart:. I hopefully I have found a home here